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  1. .22 LR Conversion for AR ??

    I had a CMMG Bolt and the Better Mag Adapter to be able to run the .22LR S&W mags. It worked good but I didn't use it much and sold it on here to a member a few years ago. Better-Mag S&W® .22 Rimfire Magazine Adaptor
  2. Bolting down a safe

    It's apparent by this thread that everyone obviously has their own opinion when it comes to security. I think the #1 take away from this thread is that you can't just have 1 layer of security. You need multiple layers of security to try to keep your stuff safe. Like mentioned before you're...
  3. Bolting down a safe

    If it’s on concrete, even carpet on concrete, getting it off the ground even just a little bit is also a good idea.
  4. Bolting down a safe

    You could add some more weight to the bottom if you want. Ammo is good for this. I agree with the previous 2 posts. That being said, you should have a good security system backing up your safes! It takes time to break into a house, tip a safe over, and cut it open. If you have a security system...
  5. Are they just being lazy or are they telling the truth?

    Smokey-Seven I also stated he could not buy guns and ammo while on the grace period in the same paragraph. Len and GreenCobra, thank you for clearing up the issue date. I was told that was the case but I didn't have anything to go off since my last license was actually printed after my other...
  6. Are they just being lazy or are they telling the truth?

    Mine expires at the end of April. I figure I'll call in January. My city is pretty busy but since they removed the grace period expiration it really doesn't matter anymore just as long as you're in before it actually expires. Keep in mind as long as you file the paperwork before your current...
  7. Gun Club near Winchester?

    I'm a member at ASC. It's a little bit of a ride from Winchester compared to say MRA. They do have nice facilities. The only Fuddish rule they used to have that I can recall is they used to have a 5rd limit in the mags for semi-automatic. They have since done away with that rule and changed...
  8. Giessele X95 Trigger Install

    I did my SAR. I can't imagine the X95 wouldn't be much different. I forget if I bought the barrel wrench or if it came with it. It's definitely a worth while upgrade and not too hard to do on your own as long as you take your time. Like someone else mentioned just go step by step even if it...
  9. His/Hers Gun Related Wedding Gifts?

    Hahahaha, still not sure what I'm going to do but I have a few ideas.
  10. His/Hers Gun Related Wedding Gifts?

    Hahahaha this would be an awesome idea.
  11. His/Hers Gun Related Wedding Gifts?

    Guns are cool but when you live in MA you can't really get anyone in a free state something cool that's an actual gun IMO. He has a bunch of lowers, and a few AR's. He loves his AK's. His gun collection is is actually quite impressive. I have a few weeks so I'll see what I can come up with. The...
  12. His/Hers Gun Related Wedding Gifts?

    So, I have a good friend who lives in Vermont. I don't get to see him that often anymore but we talk often. He just told me last night he is getting married next month. It's going to be a small wedding, last minute type of thing. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to go since I'm not around...
  13. NES/MFS August Giveaway

  14. Gloucester - Thieves crack gun safe, steal multiple firearms

    I always tell people you need a home security system with a safe. The reason I tell people that is for the EXACT reason that happened in that article. Inside job or not, it's not that hard for someone to watch your house and figure out the times you are there or not there. If there is no...
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