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    Good riddance. Most of the Djs sucked too especially Hill Mans show. Mike Shu was the only interesting one.
  2. Quality or Quantity?

    Buy once cry once. I'd rather spend the money and buy the good one.
  3. How do you spot a fellow NES 'er?

    Most of the guys Ive met from here are the furthest thing from what I expected. Just look like regular people So I don't think you'll pick them out.
  4. snow blower recommendations

    People still needing one should just buy the Ariens I have for sale in the yard sale section ;)
  5. UNH

    UNH is a good school so as long as it has the program she wants to take she'll be good to go.
  6. Walmart Visa Gift Card

    ALL VISA GIFT CARDS SUCK. Get a regular gift card to a store or give cash for future reference (yes I know you received it so you had no choice)
  7. 2020 Multitool Thread

    Don't know SOG quality but leather man is really good with a great warranty. Also knife steel is a big difference in most of these tools. Leather man charge+ uses s30v which is super nice.
  8. 2012 F150 with 112k miles - Pass or Play

    if you see the machines there's no pumps in them, it's essentially a tank with valves on it to direct fluid. It uses the transmission pump itself to do the "flush" so no excess pressure.
  9. Brake repair issues

    guy can't get bolts off, we've recommended everything else so if he can't get it done the right way just grind the bolt heads off and replace the caliper. He doesn't want to do anything with the rotor so no need to touch caliper bracket bolts.
  10. Brake repair issues

    Worst case OP just get a grinder and grind the head of the caliper bolts off and have a new caliper ready to go. or give your location and let a guy with an impact break the bolt free in 2 seconds.
  11. 2012 F150 with 112k miles - Pass or Play

    150k is a joke, no fluid is making it that distance and maintaining all its properties. If you want to just save for a transmission rebuild/reman and know it's coming thats cheaper then a new truck if everything else is good. Buy AAA so you get the tow when it's time cause they never fail in the...
  12. 2020 Multitool Thread

    Use a wave everyday at work, gets most jobs done.
  13. Brake repair issues

    It looks like he sprayed everything back there. Hes saying hes using a 3/4 wrench and the biggest bolt back there is the caliper.
  14. Brake repair issues

    The picture you posted shows a nasty lip on the rotor.
  15. Silverado AFM?

    We should all buy glocks too
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