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    Price drop.


    Location : South Shore, MA Description : Brand New Sig Sauer 220R .45 with night sights. New in box. Accessories : -4 Magazines (All new) -Range Holster -IWB alien gear holster (like new) -1000 Rounds Winchester .45 ball ammo -Box of JHP carry Ammo -Magazine carrier Selling Terms : Face...
  4. WTB Sig P320 Compact Mags

    Looking to buy a few 320 Compact mags. PM if you have some available. Thank you.
  5. Accurate and Cheap .22 LR 22LR ?

    CCI Sv have enough juice to cycle semi pistol like the rugers?
  6. 2016 Walls of Steel Matches

    Regular Sunday matches go on during the winter?
  7. Harvard June 2015 USPSA match results

    Virtually everyone in production had a penalty on stage 6. - - - Updated - - - Was it an IDPA match? Person with least amount of penalties, wins? [smile]
  8. NB Steel 11/29

    Any other matches this weekend ?
  9. USPSA @ New Bedford - Sunday 5/25/14

    Great match. Was good seeing everyone turn out.
  10. Midway Chip McCormick mags on sale

    I thought they were pretty good too until I got some 10 rounders that don't feed 100%. No problems with the standards though.
  11. Best AR Muzzle Break/Compensator?

    The JP comp is awesome but pretty long. Pretty loud too. I like the YHM phantom too for something a little more conservative. I'm also a fan of the PWS FSC - it's classified as a non flash suppressing device by BATFE.
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