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  1. Ashland dumps on Natick

    Who gives a crap?
  2. RIP Mister Peanut

    That's just nutty...
  3. Catalina Lauf - The Republican AOC

    Not guilty!
  4. Newest Scam?

    1st world problems...
  5. Veteran claims he was kicked out of McDonald's for wearing blade around his neck

    Manager did him a favor. Go to Wendy's
  6. Space Force unveils service uniforms with camouflage design

    Fields of stars on flag always point towards the heart.
  7. RI Ball busting

    ...pain in the balls
  8. J Frame grips

    Don't forget the factory "banana" grips. They look a bit funky but are very comfortable and the gun points very naturally with them.
  9. Boston Red Sox 2020

    Lifetime ban, like Rose. I don't see how it could be less.
  10. 2019-2020 Bruins Mega-Thread

    That looked intentional to me... (Tuukka getting whacked)
  11. NFL Playoff Talk

  12. NFL Playoff Talk

    I enjoyed the hell out of watching the Ravens lose. Took the sting out of the Pats losing...
  13. Throw me some good vibes folks

    Best wishes. I had zipper done in '18, single bypass and aortic valve replacement. Tough recovery but it all worked out over time.
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