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  1. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey .....

    My full blooded Irish brother in law taught me the best cold remedy years ago. "Pound down as much Allens Ginger Brandy as you can.....then a few more nips. Wrap up in every blanket in the house and sleep and sweat til its gone." Works every time. Funny that he has taken a liking to the...
  2. NES 70s/80s Shoot - UPDATE: SEE POST NO. 1

    Did the A-Team ever hit anything they were shooting at? I always found it hilarious that people would get blown up/fly out of crashed trucks, etc. and the camera would always show everyone brushing themselves off.To my recollection never an injury let alone a fatality.
  3. NH Dem Primary - Debacle ahead?

    The money is going to be on Bernie and Bloomie in the end IMO. A commie and a guy that doesn't want you to drink more than 8 oz of soda.
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