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  1. Brake / Comp for 14.5" Barrel Recommendations?

    I have a Lantac Dragons on my 12" 300 blackout and 10.3' 5.56 uppers, it just works great.
  2. LED Safe Lighting

    I have had one of these for a couple of months in my safe , so far so good battery operated , motion detected . SnapSafe Safe Light 20 LED Bright White - View All Accessories
  3. Greatest Display of Stupidity from White People about White Privilidge

    Holey shit that was the best , the cure is a big can of shut up .
  4. Ever get shafted by a fellow NESer?

    Out of 43 deals only one was bad , gave him negative rating , I would say that's says a lot about people on NES .
  5. Fellow bikers, I have a question.

    I ride an HD and wave at everyone and help anyone in need , don't sweat the small shit , live to ride.
  6. Cuddlist: Professional Cuddling Service

    I like to cuddle from behind : ) or is that spooning
  7. Lost my sweet Stella

    Sorry for your loss , they give us so much and want very little.
  8. NECN apologizes for airing "Racially Insensitive Graphic"

    ohhh boy the world if over now wow
  9. U.S. Air Marshal Left Loaded Gun in an Airplane Bathroom

    +1 people do the strangest shit [thinking]
  10. Massfirearms and NES Tax Day Giveaway!

    In Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Major Gun Seizure in Fairhaven

    + 1[laugh2]
  12. History Channel - SIX

    Like the show so far , Girl - guy who gives a shit , Walton Goggins aka Boyd Crowder is a great actor. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Trooper gets 4 months in prison for killing two women while OUI

    In the Ledger the State Police said they will address his future employment ? [angry]
  14. The Parents Of This Dead Robber Are Really Mad His Victim Had A Gun

    1 down more to go , great employee if you ask me.[wink]
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