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  1. J Frame grips

    My SW 36 is my EDC.Stags by Patrick Grasshorn.
  2. Places that you used to just go shooting and nobody gave a crap.

    I don't remember the name, however I do remember students bringing guns in and being stored in their locker.
  3. Places that you used to just go shooting and nobody gave a crap.

    Yes it was one heck of a fire. I grew up on Mitchell St so it was just a short walk away.
  4. Places that you used to just go shooting and nobody gave a crap.

    Yes and there was a huge rock a couple hundred yards from my back yard. Each end had a handprint chizzled into it.
  5. Places that you used to just go shooting and nobody gave a crap.

    I a field right by the Nemasket river in Middleborough across from the Boston Tavern. There is a baseball field there now.
  6. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    More available Sunday time at the range.
  7. Advice Request: Elderly Parents

    My short version. When my Mother became a severe fall risk ( 2 broken hips in 2 years ) I went with an Elder Law firm in Quincy to get her on MA Health as it became evident she could no longer stay in her home. They did all the paper work, jumped through all the hoops and got her enrolled. Their...
  8. Mountain lions eating humans?

    Only thing we saw were other hikers, no lions. LOL
  9. Mountain lions eating humans?

    That trail is very close to my friends house in Tucson. He called me yesterday to tell me about it. I hiked that trail with him when I visited several years ago..
  10. Minimum wage Bump

    Oh Boy $12.75 an hour to deliver auto parts on the Upper Cape. I work part time 3 days a week and every other Saturday averaging 175 miles a day in a company sub compact car. More ammo money Yahoo.
  11. Shooting 22lr

    Yes. I have a Ruger 10/22, Winchester 94/22 and 2 Ruger Singel Six's.
  12. 2019-2020 New England Patriots

    I happen to notice that when NE came out into the field TB 12 ran out with his helmet on. Usually he is seen walking out and someone is carrying his helmet. Maybe he had renewed energy for this game, as he looked sharper than he was in the past several games.
  13. What are some humorous vanity plates you've seen or have?

    Today Thomas Landers Rd Falmouth. Dodge Ram pickup MA plate NODEAL
  14. Co-worker Thread

    I was in the Marine Electronics field for 30 plus years. One thing that always ticked me off about some co workers was, we would have a full company meeting lasting up to 120 minutes with coffee and snacks or pizza depending on the time of day. The same 5 people would always complain that they...
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