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  1. Massachusetts Unclaimed Property - Your name could be on the list

    I got $46 several years ago. They had a booth set up at the Boston Bost Show so I stoped on my way back from the head.
  2. Trump’s budget, Army Corps work plan excludes funding for Cape Cod bridge replacement

    Personally I use the Zip Line, but those darn Quahog Tress hurt like heck when I hit them.
  3. Most fireworks I've ever heard.

    I was out at the East end of the CC Canal.on the beach next to the jetty Cape side. You can see the private displays from Cedarville, White Clifts, Sagamore Beach, Town Neck Sandwich, Sandy Neck Beach to Barnstable. I have never seen so may going off and have been going there for several years...
  4. Scissor Fight : Shiri Spear vs Kelly Ann Cicalese

    Today's Lavander front that Shari had on screen was quite impressive.
  5. Check Your Auto Insurance Bill

    Received a check from Mapfre Insurance Monday for their pandemic kick back for April and May lack of driving or whatever their correct term is. $36.87.
  6. Bass Pro / Cabela's shoppers

    Someone I work with was at BP Foxborough today asked him to check on 9 mm and they had none.
  7. NASCAR bans Confederate flag at all events and properties

    I have been watching less NASCAR the past serveral all years, don't like stage racing and it's has just become boreing. Can't change past history and banning the flag is one more reason for me not too watch.
  8. Phase Two

    I saw my Cardiologist in her Hyannis office mid May. This was for a routine consult to get my test results back from a stress test and echocardiogram. The office has been seeing patients through the lockdown.
  9. Green heads, 4th of July and a Sandbar at Cranes Beach...

    I remember friends in Newburyport had tee shirts made up saying " Green Heads don't bite They Suck"
  10. Manned SpaceX Launch - Saturday 5/30 3:22 PM

    Naked eye looking for a very fast moving bright object. Did not see it Sat night due to the overcast sky unfortunately in Buzzards Bay.
  11. Manned SpaceX Launch - Saturday 5/30 3:22 PM

    Should be able to see Space X fly over the Cape at 9:46 PM going NNW/ESE, followed by the ISS at 9:52PM. If it's clear no trees in the way and I stay awake. Pretty sure I have the directions correct. Over the years have seen the ISS and the Shuttle when it was flying dozens of times. Mostly from...
  12. F-15 Flyover scheduled for Memorial Day

    They would go out just before 9AM and 2 PM really miss them.
  13. Beach Sunday or Monday: When and where?

    Not going to be warm on the Cape today with the East wind off the water.
  14. All Things Motors (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats...)

    I owned an 86 Fiero GT for 31 years before I sold it. Fun car to drive other than the blind spots over each shoulder. Never had any mechanical problems.
  15. Memorial Day

    Thank You to all the men and women past and present who have served.
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