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  1. Gun shops non essential?

    Same with criminals. Boston just released a man accused of second degree murder because he has “underlying medical conditions”. And the SJC is about to order the release of thousands of inmates in the interest of “public health”.
  2. Gun shops non essential?

    Four Seasons announced their reopening on a limited basis at approx. 9:00 pm last night. Carl quoted the notice on the website identifying firearms retailers as being an “essential business”. At 9:30 Carl announced that retailers had been removed from the list. One can only imagine the...
  3. Machinist question.

    Unfortunately some people, myself included, are occasionally overcome by an urge to do something like this ourselves. I completely agree with letting experts do things that involve time. money for tools and skills which we most likely do not have, but this "urge" at times is almost irresistible.
  4. CZ-USA Closed – All Facilities Shutdown Due To COVID-19 Emergency Order

    Glad I bought mine before this all happened
  5. My first carbine

    The handguard is not meant to be a faux suppressor. It keeps your hands away from the barrel and has M-LOK attachment points on it for accessories. The stock is not a folding stock. Free state versions have an adjustable stock (forward and back). The stock on my carbine is pinned with a rivet as...
  6. What are you doing, GunBroker sellers?

    Your post reminds me that anytime an eBay buyer has a complaint it opens up a huge can of worms. I was sellig some car parts on eBay a few years ago and a buyer didn't read the listing and then filed a complaint when the part wasn't what she thought it was. Took me 6 weeks and hours of time to...
  7. Sell me on the 43x

  8. Sell me on the 43x

    What do you recommend for a trigger upgrade?
  9. Girl, 11, Brings AR-15 to Idaho Hearing on Gun Legislation

    Can you imagine the s**tshow if this had happened at the Massachusetts State House? The state would have gone into lockdown for a month. The outrage would be the equivalent of a 10 mt nuclear explosion.
  10. Bloomturd a Eagle Scout??????!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Brawl breaks out at Bernie Sanders rally over ‘Black Guns Matter’ shirt

    One of the things I love about the Democratic party is how tolerant and inclusive they are, always willing to politely listen to other points of view...
  12. Bloomturd a Eagle Scout??????!!!!!!!!!!!

    For those who don't remember Marion Barry was the mayor of Washington DC and a crack addict. After a snow storm crippled the city (not such a bad thing really) he is reputed to have said "God put it there let God take it away".
  13. Quality or Quantity?

    As has been said about tattoos, hookers, and a variety of other commodities, "a good gun ain't cheap and a cheap gun ain't good". Target shooting (I don't hunt) is expensive enough (ammunition, targets, gun club membership) that if I'm going to do this I might as well use a good quality gun and...
  14. LTC - Woburn - Restrictions

    Your story reminds me of my first license I got in Norwood in 1980. The license was for "Protection of Life and Property" (unrestricted). The sergeant who issued it told me that if I shot someone in self defense make sure I killed them because then they couldn't testify against me and it would...
  15. My first carbine

    I had a chance to put another 200 rounds through the Ruger this weekend. Once I got the red dot zeroed in I was shooting 1.5" groups at 50 feet (max range depth) and I'm not even a very good shooter. I know I should be better but for me that's saying a lot. Likes: Very reliable. Zero failures to...
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