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  1. 20 questions LTC Quiz

    5 feet 7 inches. Named for Oliver Smoot, a frat brother @ MIT. The Mass Ave bridge over the Charles river between Boston and Cambridge is measured in Smoots. Supposedly the frat brothers made Smoot lie on the sidewalk on the bridge end-to-end repeatedly while they marked off the lengths...
  2. More Aussie gun law fun, "gel blasters" are now illegal without a license everywhere except Queensland

    Next on the "banned in Oz" list (you might out your eye out with one of these):
  3. Biden Focuses Prohibitory Ambitions on "Gun Parts", Gun Control: Internet Sale of Parts to be Banned

    Time for Mike (aka drgrant) to jump in with his "How Does A Bill Become Law" video! Just because Biden sez it doesn't mean it's going to happen. Even if Trump gets a whupping this fall there are still plenty of reps, senators and judges who will not let these wild prohibitions happen easily...
  4. The Time Is Now to Recommit to a National Assault Weapon Ban | Opinion

    Swalwell can spout his nonsense... yawn. Hot air from a dopey pol with too much time on his hands. Folks like him like to thump the table on gun control now and then just to get some attention. Look at our own MA legislature. As far as any confiscation scheme like that fascist bitch in New...
  5. Restricted ltc

    Start by asking the licensing authority what you need to do to get unrestricted. In "red towns" usually you have to be responsible for large amounts of cash, late-night bank deposits, doctor, lawyer with enemies, etc. In other words they require you to show a need for an unrestricted license...
  6. Can I carry in NH with a Mass LTC?

    Yes we are indeed slaves to our masters here in Massachusetts. We have hundreds of rules and regulations we must follow and like obedient peons we put our heads down and pull our loads praying not to feel the overseer's whip upon our backs. It must be great to live in a "free" state such as you...
  7. Can I carry in NH with a Mass LTC?

    Maybe they didn't like my face:eek: I wanted to stop there on my way to visit my buddy up in Canaan, called Gungewam beforehand because I don't have a NH drivers license, and the clerk said he would sell the ammo if I had a MA LTC. Just quoting their policy. It sounds like other NH gun shops...
  8. Can I carry in NH with a Mass LTC?

    You may not need a MA LTC to carry in NH but at least one gun shop (Gungewam Outfitters in Danbury) requires a MA LTC if you want to purchase ammo. I'm not sure what other NH gun shop policies are RE ammo sales.
  9. Is this on the EOPS Pistol list? (Rhetorical Question)

    50-50 the two perps will walk. MA SJC in their infinite wisdom recently ruled that "nervous or erratic behavior" is not grounds for a search. The pink pistol could get tossed as evidence which means no conviction on the illegal possession charges. Maybe the SJC will order BPD to clean up the...
  10. Another Smith another return

    I finally got my 586 back last Thursday. According to the paperwork they replaced the main spring and the strain screw. Took it to the range on Saturday and she performed flawlessly. I ran 75 rounds through her double and single action with no hiccups. Needless to say I am very happy to have the...
  11. Emma Peel won't be down for brealfast

    Best Bond girl ever (Tracy DiVincenzo in On Her Majesty's Secret Service). The only Bond girl ever to get married. She will be missed. RIP.
  12. Where can I find a mass compliant Walther P22?

    Never shot a Walther P22. I have a Walther P38 chambered for .22 LR. A very finicky gun; mostly a collector's item. Here are my favorite .22s: Browning Buckmarks (4" & 5.5" barrels) S&W 617 (4" barrel, 10-round capacity) The Brownings have run very smoothly since I broke them in. Both pistols...
  13. NB BLM Leader Arrested For Double Shooting, Baby Mama Arrested On Warrants, BLM Activists Dox New Bedford Guide Owner For Reporting It

    Agreed. I lived in Westport (between Fall River and New Bedford) for a time and got to know many Cape Verdeans. And I had to correct my post RE the location of the Cape Verdean islands -- they are off the WEST coast of Africa, not the east!
  14. NB BLM Leader Arrested For Double Shooting, Baby Mama Arrested On Warrants, BLM Activists Dox New Bedford Guide Owner For Reporting It

    Cape Verdean. Island chain off the west coast of Africa. Used to be a Portugese colony. South Coast is loaded with Cape Verdeans.
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