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  1. Quarter Circle 10

    Anybody here have any experience with products from Quarter Circle 10? I have been poking around the internet looking at options and configurations for pistol-caliber carbines (9 mm) and Quarter Circle 10 in Arizona pops up a lot.
  2. Trudeau lays down the hammer

    I should have said "no changes" on the federal level and that is my oversight. You are absolutely right about state laws reacting to the incidents. As a resident of MA I am already subjected to "the toughest gun laws in the country". My concern has always been MA-style gun control on a federal...
  3. Trudeau lays down the hammer

    A lot of apocalyptic views in this thread. But look at the record: Sandy Hook: No changes Las Vegas: Bump stock ban (which did not affect very many people) Pulse nightclub: No changes Uvalde: No changes House is now Republican, Senate is very closely divided, Supreme Court has a 6-3 conservative...
  4. Harbor Freight Gun Safe?

    95% of the stuff I've bought (mostly power tools, their "Chicago Electric" brand which should actually be "Shenzhen Electric" ) from Harbor Freight was crap. Worked for a few months and then simply died. Imagine if you bought the "electronic locking" safe and one day the lock simply refused to...
  5. Any other FFL owners get a call from the boston globe?

    You have to operate with the understanding that many years ago the Globe ceased being a "newspaper" and became a giant editorial / opinion forum. Every "story" has a point of view and an agenda. When it comes to guns the agenda is that all guns are bad, all gun owners are misguided and all gun...
  6. How much "gun" do you EDC?

    CZ 75 Compact D PCR. 10 round magazine + 1 in the chamber. Vedder IWB holster. I love that gun. I bought it last year "just because" it was a CZ and now it's my favorite CZ.
  7. How do you define "Assault Rifle"?

    I believe these two gentlemen are holding "assault rifles"
  8. LTC Renewal Boston (How to?)

    I forgot to say that when I emailed BPD this morning I also told them that my good friend Broccoli Iglesias was anxiously awaiting a reply from them as well...
  9. LTC Renewal Boston (How to?)

    My LTC is up for renewal in February. This morning I emailed the Licensing Division around 10:00 am. 4 hours later I got a reply with instructions. It looks like everything can be done online. They will send you the DCJIS application which you fill out. You also have to be able to scan your...
  10. Beretta CX4 Storm vs. CZ Scorpion Carbine

    The joys of being an 07...!
  11. Gunman kills 35 in attack starting at Thai child care center

    What a God-awful story. I don't care where it happens it is absolutely heartbreaking.
  12. Rapper Accidentally Leaves Giggle-Switched Glock In An Uber

    Fed fag indeed! He can change his stage name to Lil Fudge Packed, Lil Shower Raped or whatever. As Johnny Cash said "always be a good boy don't play around with guns." Should have listened. Too late now! Hope you can actually walk when they release you unless you get a shank in the ribs first.
  13. S&W M&P 10MM is hot garbage.

    The OP makes some very good points and raises an issue that I have experienced myself. You "fall in love" with a particular gun and purchase one. The gun has numerous problems and quickly becomes a big disappointment. You badly want to make it work. You try a bunch of different things, you spend...
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