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  1. What is you favorite 1.5” EDC belt?

    Your should try cutting it a little then. It’s easy to do and you can get an exact fit. Just load up the maximum amount that you would carry on the belt, take a measurement of how much excess you have and then cut it off. I usually only carry one extra mag, but left enough room on my belt to...
  2. What is you favorite 1.5” EDC belt?

    Love my Kore Essentials Gun Belt. It’s a ratchet style so you can easily adjust on the fly. It’s also very stiff yet conforms to your body well so it’s comfortable even when carrying plenty of weight. I have had mine for quite a while now, maybe 5 years and it’s held up tremendously. When I got...
  3. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Came home to some unexpected swag today. No ammo, but the cleaning kit is an Otis so you know it’s legit and the ammo can is pretty nice as well. For a plastic ammo can the quality is much better than most. Solid lockup with almost a tactile click when it locks/unlocks. Good seal, the handle...
  4. Mini die cast AR15!!!! Coolest thing ever

    How many rounds do the give you?
  5. Mini die cast AR15!!!! Coolest thing ever

    NGL that’s pretty dope
  6. Armed Robber Is Not Very Good At Listening To Police Commands, Receive Instant Justice With A Hail Of Bullets (Video)

    4 shots with 4 hits. It was close quarters, but not bad while backing up with the other guy charging. Certainly puts a lot of cops to shame.
  7. Karma: **WINNER CHOSEN**1.75" leather gun belt

    In please!!! Great karma!
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