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  1. RBG Dead

    What is Lagoa’s 2A stance?
  2. RBG Dead

    Hope you’re right for 2A’s sake and I’m sure he’ll force the issue but I bet the republicans flake in the end.
  3. RBG Dead

    Yes, but that would be the strategic thing to do as a republican. They don’t think that way because unlike democrats are too scared. You watch.
  4. RBG Dead

    The republicans barely got Kav through against baseless allegations. You think they’ll have the stones to ram someone through now? Won’t happen folks.
  5. RBG Dead

    Assume 6 weeks too short to fill before election?
  6. Can anybody ID this fish?

    yup. Kurtz got off the boat. He split from the whole f***ing program.
  7. Can anybody ID this fish?

    Remember what Captain Willard said: Never get out of the boat...unless you’re going the whole way.
  8. William McGurn from WSJ Just Received his LTC

    Too bad they still will vote for anti-2A pols.
  9. Anyone still boycotting the NFL?

    I think the point isn’t that he’s giving up something he likes to do (watch football), but rather that it is no longer enjoyable to watch. I stop doing things not to boycott, but because they start to suck and I can find other more enjoyable things to do. I liked football but honestly not...
  10. Avoiding The Solvent Trap Trap - legally owning one to keep for a rainy day

    Or just use the bat suppressor and call it a day. Plus, it has been specifically approved for zombie duty.
  11. Camping in White Mountain National Forest

    Have your buddy hold your beer. Then run around naked with a set of antlers on your head. See what happens just for kicks and giggles.
  12. Very good documentary

    Saw it years ago. Pretty cool. For those that like that content, watch Dead River Rough Cut.
  13. DOOM!

    There was also Star Trek for the Apple II and IIe machines. Was all narrative - no graphics. Then came Rogue and various derivatives of that (Hack). Who remembers those? Hack is still available to download if you search for it.
  14. Cool safe trick

    My safe just asked me if I had anything better to do. sorry rob. I’m just making stupid jokes that only I’m laughing at.
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