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  1. Shotgun Case recommendations

    Negrini for taking to the range.
  2. Lets talk CZ's for a moment

    Last I looked, the deal of the century is the Shadow 2. I think they were around $1100. That's stupidly good price for that gun, even after doing CGW upgrades on it (which aren't necessary for the average shooter). The Accu Shadow 2 is like $2100, which is mostly tuned trigger, comp hammer...
  3. Where to shoot in North Conway NH area

    I am resurrecting this thread in the hopes of getting some intel on local places to shoot in North Conway area other than the local club. Would prefer to go into the woods if possible. I know a few places, as noted above, but have not shot at them before. Not sure if you can still shoot over...
  4. NJ needs COBOL programmers...

    What is COBOL used for these days?
  5. To buy American, but at what cost?

    I will typically buy USA unless the quality just isn’t there. But if the quality is there, it’s a no brainer and I don’t mind spending a lot more.
  6. To buy American, but at what cost?

    Actually, China has greatly improved the quality of its products. There are now different quality levels. It used to be all crap. Now, a lot of it is excellent quality. Businesses have to walk that line between cost of goods and quality. It’s not easy. For sure, there are many folks that just...
  7. To buy American, but at what cost?

    Businesses aren’t stupid. If cheaper labor existed they would use it. Simple market economics. China is cheapest cost.
  8. To buy American, but at what cost?

    This. Plus, this problem isn’t solvable until the cost of labor in a stable country is the same everywhere in the world. It’s easy to assume people can just make a binary choice between buying USA vs China, but that’s not how it works for most people who live paycheck to paycheck. They just...
  9. 39 Pontiac.

    You’re dad is right there with you. Awesome. He picked it up somewhere.
  10. Kittery Trading Post Re-Opens Monday April 6th!!

  11. Better order yours fast.

    Don’t cheap out Rob. Man up and buy the best!
  12. Better order yours fast.

    Wow you guys are cheap. If you really love someone you’ll splurge on only the best casket money can buy😂
  13. Kittery Trading Post Re-Opens Monday April 6th!!

    Thanks. That is my understanding of the law and consistent with what shops in NH have advised me.
  14. Thoughts on the P320 X5 Legion?

    For a striker it has a decent trigger. It has some heft to it and feels like an all steel gun. It’s not going to out shine a shadow or a nice 1911 or 2011, but I’ve been pretty impressed with it. Nice range gun.
  15. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    did you paint a “3” on your car and have the urge to eat twinkies?
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