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  1. Random gun porn

  2. Random gun porn

  3. Do you engage an active shooter?

    If I was in proximity with adequate cover & concealment and the perb was within range of my skill set. I'd wait for a reload pause & engage.
  4. Random gun porn

  5. Random gun porn

  6. Random gun porn

  7. Random gun porn

  8. Random gun porn

  9. Random gun porn

  10. Col. North gets the boot

    If my fellow Marine is out I'm out.
  11. Random gun porn

  12. S&W 642 holster?

    During the warm season I'm in pleated dress shorts with a tucked in polo shirt for work. I carry a 642 and a couple of speed strips in a SmartCarry, very comfortable. Single Gun Holster
  13. who makes the best "dress" gun belts?

    After a few years both my Beltman belts the dye on the belt edge would wear off onto my dress pants. Switched to Comp-Tac belts, so far they are holding up well. Gun Belt | Kydex Reinforced | Cut on a Contour | Top Grain Cowhide Leather
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