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  1. New Show, Hard Core Pawn

    Pawn Stars is the top dog of pawn shop shows. I refuse to even watch this hard core pawn silliness.
  2. 3rd shift?

    Go for it. Young and single and a 20% differential with Saturdays and Sundays off is mint!

    Best wishes for Lexi. I'm in. Confirmation #3DP77616N59454358 (Referred from
  4. Still at work....... Definitely not good! :-\

    I know the feeling...I've been working straight since 3pm. But now I'm so overtired that I'm at the point where coffee isn't going to do a darn thing for me. 3 more hours til sleep...
  5. Iraq Marine Vet admits beating police dog in pursuit

    That's real smart...This guy is lucky the officer didn't beat the ever living shit out of him. For a random dog attack, I agree with your logic, but wholeheartedly knowing it's a police dog biting you, I'd think twice about beating the ever living shit out of it because the consequences on your...
  6. When shovels are illegal...

    Touché Bruce- Fixed [smile]
  7. When shovels are illegal...

    Shoot...I'll have to make sure my shovel is mass compliant next time I go through the garage. I heard spade shovels will no longer be legal to sell through a FSL, but FTF transfers are ok. Is the one shovel a month thing going into effect anytime soon? I sure hope not...
  8. Anyone here workout?

  9. OK, now I want to know why you guys are hating on the .40 cal?

    HAHAHA Moral of the story - .45ACP is king.
  10. Anyone here workout?

    Really? Why would one want to refer to themselves in the third person. It sounds silly.
  11. OH - Homeowner Shoots Intruder With His Own Gun

    I just got that warm, fuzzy feeling inside [smile]
  12. Penalties for not filing an FA10

    So since I filled out the buyer part of the FA10, I have no legal obligation to do anything else as the buyer? And no, the gun is not stolen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Penalties for not filing an FA10

    Here's my dilemma: I recently did a FTF transfer of a handgun. Both of us have valid LTC-As. I filled out the buyer portion of the FA10 and gave the seller the form to fill the rest seller portion out. I forgot to take my carbon copy of the completed FA10. I know it is the seller's...
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