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  1. How do you train? What is good training? Who, where and how much to spend?

    Sig Sauer up in NH has a ton of classes. That's where I took my basic safety course a few years ago and it was a great time. sigsaueracademy.com
  2. Crossbreed

    I have a supertuck that I use for my sig that I like a lot, but I carry my G19 much more often, and for that I have a qwikclip also by crossbreed which I actually like a lot better. If you decide to go with either, my advice would be to get a good leather conditioner and do that first. It has...
  3. Win a Nighthawk Talon II custom 1911

    Great prize, great cause! I'm in for 3 as well
  4. Being "Disgruntled" + Buying Guns = Early Morning Visit from Swat

    yeah.. Uh... Just in Oregon, right?
  5. Being "Disgruntled" + Buying Guns = Early Morning Visit from Swat

    Wow, the authorities have finally crossed the line. If I had a horrible week at work, an afternoon at the range with an AK-47 sounds like a great stress reliever. I wonder just how "disgruntled" this man is now!
  6. Best Holster for Glock 19 ccw?

    You're certainly not the first person with that issue. Crossbreed has recently addressed that issue with their "combat cut" option, where they do pretty much exactly what you did so there's nothing in the way when you go for a solid draw.
  7. The girlfriend is concerned... Quick access safe?

    I agree. I have a biometrc vault also that works on the 1st attempt when it feels like it. Seems like a dangerous waste of $$
  8. Best Holster for Glock 19 ccw?

    Crossbreed also makes a nice IWB similar to the Comp tac
  9. Training at SigSauer Academy

    I took my first handgun class there and also had Todd as an instructor. It was a great experience and I can't wait to go back!
  10. LTC-B, Semi-auto pistols

    good friend of mine has a class b, and currently owns a sig p220, a S&W 1911, a sig mosquito, and an AR-15. your options are limited, but not destroyed
  11. Do unto others.......

    Not necessarily. There are some sick, sadistic folks out there who gain much pleasure simply by causing harm to others.
  12. Fastest time you got your CCW in?

    4 Weeks to the day in Lynn
  13. Picked up my new LTC Class A

    Congrats!! [rockon][party][rockon]
  14. Your Guns Suck - All of Them

    This is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite threads. [rofl][rofl][rofl][rofl][rofl]
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