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  1. how many round do you pack when conceal carry? [NOT GAY]

    Same here. My Airweight .38 or shield
  2. Is Gun ok at Home in MA without LTC?

    How is it not? If there are no written limits in state/fed constitutions for the RKBA's, how is the above statement correct? It is like the first amendment argument, that you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater. You can if you are an actor.
  3. Corona Virus Local SITREP Thread

    I cant listen to Katherine Clark for more than a few seconds without throwing up. She is the walking definition of a loony tune virtue signaling douchebag
  4. Entering Maine

    More evidence the government DGAFF about civil rights
  5. How are you passing the time?

    I hear you. Wife and I are home with a puppy and three of the most hyper children known to mankind. And I banged up my knee recently and it is the size of a bowling ball.
  6. Entering Maine

    Dems gotta be Dems.
  7. The Epoch Times

    I save my copies as internet news can vanish in seconds.
  8. The Epoch Times

    I get their newspapers and the anti commie stuff is out in the open. I do not care however as I cannot remember a time in my life when there was any objective journalism.
  9. Pre Healey

    That is truly Orwellian.
  10. People who now want a gun but can't get them thanks to our laws

    F all the leftists that have now seen the light. Time to burn them down and salt the earth!
  11. Guy at Stop and Shop in Kingston spitting on the produce.

    Rumor has it that it was Joe Biden
  12. Dick's now hates FUDDs too.

    I bought ammo at dikz once. They scanned my LTC and the cashier couldn't tell me why. I called their corporate number and they would not tell me why. Never went back
  13. UPDATED Gloucester woman starts fundraiser after getting corona on spring break

    Stop shitting on Gloucester as the old saying goes, there is a bad egg in every dozen.
  14. Hand Sanitizer

    I like to remind folks that proper hand hygiene is preferred, regardless of the fact that enveloped viruses can be easily defeated .
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