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  1. Weenies...

    Man I like hot dogs pan fried, boiled, steamed, over a fire as long as there hot have onions, mustard and that hot sauce that has a picture of a rooster on it.
  2. Baker shutting us down on Tuesday

    Nope I asked because I wouldn’t be surprised if they snuck something in somewhere quietly that I could have missed. Either way it wouldn’t stop me but nice to know what risks one is taking. I recall weapons being seized in Louisiana during the hurricane. So I think it is a valid question...
  3. Baker shutting us down on Tuesday

    Sorry if this is been covered but does anyone know if any edicts or emergency declarations come about that would impact the lawfulness of CCW?
  4. For Those of US that are ESSENTIAL and NOT working from home

    Our company is deemed “essential” (food products) I am a mechanic for the delivery trucks so my work continues. I received a letter from the company which states that I’m an essential employee incase I get pulled over. Whilst many are out of work without pay I am grateful to still be...
  5. Got a call to borrow a gun

    I have one friend that’s I truly consider my brother just from another mother. He isn’t licensed yet but if called and asked well....
  6. Banning over 25 people?

    I have jury duty coming up. Wonder if that’s banned as well. Lol
  7. Baker State of Emergency

    Exactly. I’d like to know the same. My guess is $$$$&$
  8. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I actually use that. It works just fine.
  9. Car safe?

    Look into laws regarding securing a firearm while traveling in case I am wrong. You can not have access to the firearm while in the car so think trunk etc. if you’re trying to secure your firearm while you say go to a show or get a hair cut then in the passenger compartment storage is a okay. I...
  10. Project Veritas #Expose2020

    Anyone have a different link. For some reason it’s not showing up at all
  11. Cost-cutting strikes again

    If you want high quality tools but not truck brand prices. Look at industrial tools from Armstrong. Proto. Wright tool. You can even buy USA made craftsman industrial still however I believe it’s the same as Armstrong.
  12. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Any one know what the wood worker was building?
  13. Ghostbusters 3 trailer

    I don’t mind the kids taking it over as long as the torch is passed in a good way. From what it looks like I think it will be. I don’t mind a nod to the past while the rest moves forward just don’t force some SJW agenda while doing so.
  14. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Cripes I got gave up and just scrolled to the bottom
  15. Trufuel

    I’ve used tru fuel. Vp fuels and Sunoco optum. All good stuff. However I use way to much fe to use it all the time. So here is what I do. I buy fresh pump gas 93/94 octane in the amount I need for the next two weeks (about 2 gallons) I then use that in my small engines ( adding 2 cycle oil if...
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