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  1. Democrats 2020 Megathread - There can be only one!

    Trying to decide if I should draw a Democratic primary ballot in Mass and vote for Bernie. Would love to see Warren lose her own state.
  2. Miracle on Ice 40 Years ago today

  3. Miracle on Ice 40 Years ago today

    I remember this well. The Russians were suppose to be invincible. It was a great day to be American. And remember, our team was made up of college players and not pros. "In one of the most dramatic upsets in Olympic history, the underdog U.S. hockey team, made up of college players, defeats the...
  4. New Acquisitions February 2020 - Firearms Only!

    Whitney Wolverine .22LR. When Buck Rogers and his Ray Gun ruled the airways in the 50's this was the gun to have.
  5. Clint Eastwood supporting Bloomberg

    He's also a anti-gun guy.
  6. Sig P365 XL - Mass Compliant Version?

    Just saw a LGS with the P365 XL's.
  7. Mike Bloomberg 'wants Hillary Clinton as his running mate'

    After a considerable amount of Bourbon I got the nerve to watch the debate tonight. They are jumping ugly on Bloomberg. I love it when they eat their own. The rest of the pack are so vile I can’t even describe. Warren is the biggest BS artist on stage. Men in Black should send Bernie back to his...
  8. State Rep. David Nangle Arrested On Federal Charges

    Only local news: Trahan's campaign funding questioned
  9. New Acquisitions February 2020 - Firearms Only!

    You stole that.
  10. Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey .....

    My wife got a recipe for a pineapple marinated in Fireball Whiskey and then grilled on a rotisserie. It was pretty good.
  11. Bloomberg paid attorney in Maura's office

    What a surprise! "A program funded by 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is paying the salaries of lawyers who are farmed out to liberal state attorney general offices to pursue climate-based litigation -- a compact critics say amounts to Bloomberg buying state law enforcement...
  12. Combat! the series

    Vic's daughter is actress Jennifer Jason Leigh.
  13. Looking for 9mm PCC input

    I have Marlin Camp 9 which is nice and light and takes S&W 59 magazines all the way up to 30 rounders. And two Ruger PCCs. The Rugers are heavier but have more options and aftermarket parts available for them. Limited to 10 round magazines unless you find some Glocks.
  14. NES 70s/80s Shoot - UPDATE: SEE POST NO. 1

    Remember this? Hidden cases of Canadian Club
  15. NES 70s/80s Shoot - UPDATE: SEE POST NO. 1

    Probably would bring a couple 1911's, a HiPower, Sig P220, 1927 Thompson and a Camp 9. Have to hit a Salvation Army store for some polyester sport coats and slacks. If needed I could likely get one of my clubs to host. The limitation for carbines would have to be pistol cartridge only. Also...
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