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  1. Bought a Beretta M9

    Wilson Combat also does Beretta work and sells accessories. Beretta 92/96-
  2. New Biden Gun Control Will Get House Vote!! HR8 & HR1446

    Democrats realize they will lose the house in 2022 so they are doing as much damage as they can while Pelosi holds that gavel in her boney twisted arthritic hand.
  3. Sticky spotter situation?

    Got my can of Denatured Alcohol and some rags and went to work on it. So no more sticky rubber on scope.
  4. Precision 22LR Match- January 9th- Reading MA

    Anything for March and beyond? Did not see anything on calendar.
  5. Cast Hollow Points

    I like Clays in my .38’s
  6. CPAC: Watch Wayne LaPierre LIVE today at 12:30 p.m.

    Trump is kicking ass and taking names
  7. Sticky spotter situation?

    Dug my Konus out today. Same problem. Guess I’ll tape it. I did buy a Roylex Canoe that was sticky. I used denatured alcohol on it and that fixed it.
  8. We should be making plans

    GMRS Repeaters? Considering GBRS to stay in touch with family members about 12 miles away. Would access to a GMRS Repeater get me there?
  9. New Acquisitions for February 2021

    Also know as the 38-40 uses same bullets as .40 S&W. I have a Colt Lightning Slide Action Rifle I load for in that caliber.
  10. WTS Ruger Match Champion

  11. Tax return....

    Or from the $22,300 my wife and I paid in Federal Taxes withheld last year. I am the 'other Americans' you refer to.
  12. Tax return....

    Never got my Covid money but looks like I can get something on Tax return.
  13. WTS Square Deal B Conversions .44 and .45 ACP

    WTS Square Deal B Conversion kits in .44 Special/Magnum and .45 ACP. Includes Conversion Kit, Tool Head Kit and Tool Head Stands. $125.00 each. .45 ACP is sold. Located Greater New Bedford area. Goose Rules apply. Square Deal B Caliber Conversion Kit (Dillon SDB Calib): Reloading: Caliber...
  14. 3% added credit card fee

    Quit following me around.
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