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  1. GRANITE STATE RANGE (Nashua) $10 Father's Day Week & JUNE SPECIALS

    Don't recall seeing this the last time I looked at the range rules. Considering that GSIR now rents full-auto carbines and rifles, I wouldn't worry about rapid fire, assuming that you don't shoot any faster than you can control your shots. I've had to pause classes a couple of times while...
  2. Out of State AW Purchase

    This Ken
  3. In MA, are you limited to 4 personal transfer per year or 4 personal sales per year?

    You can transfer a gun to a licensed dealer in any state; transfers from a MA resident to another individual require the recipient to be a MA resident according to federal law (thus requiring that both have the appropriate FID or LTC and file an FA10). Federal law requires that transfers to...
  4. Legal to sell long arms out of state?

    It depends not only on whether he's claiming residency here or in NC, but also on where the potential buyers claim residency. If they're residents of the same state in which he's claiming residency, then it's the laws of that state (e.g., MA = FA10 or NC = whatever they require for FTF) that...
  5. What is an LTC A & FFL 03 good for in MA?

    When my C&R comes up for renewal I'm going to use my son's address in NH to avoid this sort of crap. At least that way it will be consistent with all my ammo and magazine orders. Ken
  6. Registering a .22 autoloader - Large Capacity Firearm?

    That's the literal reading, but attempting to use simple English grammar to interpret legalese is inherently dangerous. After the '98 gun law changes were rammed through at the last minute, people quickly realized that a literal interpretation would effectively make every semiautomatic with a...
  7. grace period expiration and legality of firearms in home - any J.D.s out there?

    The fact that some towns manage to get both new licenses and renewals done in well under the 4 day limit, while others take months and months certainly does (unless you believe that the state screw with some towns for the fun of it but acts nice with others). Ken
  8. I cannot find this answer...rifle storage

    While it's not quite explicit in the law, the "securely locked closet" you mention would also satisfy the legal requirements by itself as a "locked container". Ken
  9. Quick gun transfer/gift question

    Note that there's no legal requirement that the gun be shipped by a Texas FFL. Some dealers will only accept shipments from another FFL, but that's their policy, not law. Depending on what the Texas FFL might charge to ship the firearm it may be cheaper to use UPS or Fedex to ship the gun to...
  10. FA-10 - Hi Cap. Firearm

    The form will be scanned when they receive it, with only the entries in the boxes retained. Nothing you write any place else on the form will make any difference. Ken
  11. Rifle hasn't been registered/used in 25+ years. Tricky situation.

    It's not a question of that there might be some incorrect information recorded in the new system during the transfer process, it's an indisputable fact that a huge amount of blue cards simply were not recorded at all. I myself saw literally hundreds of cards that were so badly encrusted with...
  12. All Lawful Purposes not acceptable reason in "Green" town?

    I've always advised my students to put "All Lawful Purposes" on their applications, but without using those words, e.g. recreational shooting, collecting, competition, hunting, personal protection in the home, and possibly carrying for personal protection in some circumstances. Ken
  13. Rifle change of ownership

    Also note that serial numbers were not required on any firearms prior to GCA'98. I've got several .22 rifles and other guns without any serial numbers, all perfectly legal. Ken
  14. Rifle hasn't been registered/used in 25+ years. Tricky situation.

    Since they openly acknowledge that their records are incomplete, the absence of a pre-'98 registration in their database is completely meaningless as a matter of law. My statement should have been "The FRB has no meaningful data from the old blue cards." (They might be able to show that...
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