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  1. Winter car storage

    Go to a local over 55 condo complex and ask around or post a note inquiring if anyone is driving south this winter, rent their garage?
  2. 2013 F150 Rear Brake Rotor Removal - Thanks its off.

    Does this help? View:
  3. Help with a 2006 Audi A4

    Owned a 2014 Vette for 3 years, amazing car. All time favorite that I will probably buy again, Honda S2000
  4. School me on Tankless water heaters

    Consider an electric water heat pump. Rebates of $750 towards installation from NatGrid, very efficient, dehumidifies basement in the summer time.
  5. Taking a car off the road?

    The excise tax will continue until you dispose of the vehicle I stand corrected (named pipes, edmxz2002) but believe it or not "they" expect you pay property taxes on it
  6. Recommend me a new Credit Card

    If your a GM guy/gall you can get 5% back towards any GM vehicle with a GM CC, negotiate your best deal, show them the card and get a additional cash off (different models have different limits)
  7. A question for those who know vintage (?) watches

    Anything like this? FAVRE LEUBA Deep Blue 200m Vintage diver EXTREME RARE | eBay
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