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  1. What Generation is your Glock?

    Gen 5 - 17...
  2. HearthMate fireplace insert . $275 cash

    Looking to sell Hearth Mate Fireplace insert constructed of boiler plate bought back in Late 70's , used to seasons ,and then stored. Has firebrick that comes with stove to line bottom. Stove is in excellent shape and throws a lot of heat. Heated my 26 X 42 ranch with no problem. Great for...
  3. What do you consider a good group at about 30'?

    Not hard with our Glock 45's is it Roland?
  4. Cz scorpion s1 carbine

    Are you referring to the Magpul edition?
  5. Cz scorpion s1 carbine

    My gun was purchased from the factory ( First Responder ). All you have to do is find a dealer that will pin stock for you or you can buy a fixed stock like mine and attach it at time of purchase.
  6. HK USC in 45ACP or CZ Scorpion Carbine 9mm...

    The Scorpions shoot like hell and has a ton of aftermarket stuff for it. Mags are $20.00 . How can you go wrong?
  7. Thanks for clearing that up maura

    No , I bought thousands of rounds right from the local gun shop. The trick is finding a dealer that doesn't mind waiting to get paid. The Institution I worked at wasn't to bad but some state institutions made the dealers wait 5 or 6 months to get paid.
  8. Thanks for clearing that up maura

    As a former Armorer for a State Institution I can tell you that we do indeed purchase from gun shops. At least I did.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up maura

    Hope the gun shops have stopped selling to the Police Departments in the state. No ammo and guns for us, Nothing to them !
  10. Lets talk CZ's for a moment

    Have a P-07 Tactical. Just a great freaking gun !
  11. Sell me on the 43x

    Just got mine. Great size for carry. The grip is very comfortable, and the gun is accurate. Would highly recommend.
  12. Kimber Mass Compliant

    Bought the first generation Kimber Stainless LE Target for $680. It out shoots my Les Baer and Wilson Combat Special ,HANDS DOWN ! Racking the slide feels like it is riding on a greased piston, no movement and tight lockup. Love that gun.
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