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  1. MA Resident buying and keeping Handguns Maine

    What is the legalitiy of a MA resident (primary MA residence, MA drivers license, etc...)who owns a second home in Maine buying handguns in Maine? Can they do so? Do they require a Maine license?
  2. Out of state Maine permit: how long?!?

    permith arrived today, 5-19-12
  3. Out of state Maine permit: how long?!?

    Update: Mailed mine ou:t 3-2-12 Check Cleared: 4-11-12 Tomorrow it will have been eleven weeks since I sent it out and I am still waiting.
  4. What about RIFOL and RIRRA?

    Thanx Newport. I've been on both forums. I just thought if New England Shooters was going to have designated threads for state associations, then threads for those two were missing, is all. I do agree it is a shame that RISRRA is so secretive and/or inaccessible. With the passing of Perry and...
  5. What about RIFOL and RIRRA?

    There ate two other pro gun organizations in RI that for some reason do not have threads here. the Rhode Island State Rifle and Revolver Association is NRA state affiliate, and has Ben around far longer than CRAL. And RIFOL is similar to CRAL, except it is actually s non profit with a board...
  6. IDPA @ New Bedford - Saturday 5/5

    Had a blast. Shot my first ever IDPA (except last months classifier) shoot in 177.11 I'm fairly happy with that (though I did take out two NTs), considering I've never done any sort of tactical or practical shooting before. I'm gunning for sharpshooter by the end of the season.
  7. Out of state Maine permit: how long?!?

    Which is ironic considering according to RI Law, RI is "shall issue" when you apply at a town/city police department. It is only "may issue" when you apply at the Attorney General office.
  8. Out of state Maine permit: how long?!?

    Let me add that my check cleared on 4-11-12
  9. Out of state Maine permit: how long?!?

    Mailed mine out on 3-2-12. As of today, it has been 8 weeks and I am still waiting.
  10. IDPA @ New Bedford - Saturday 4/7 **Classifier Match**

    Do you have to be an IDPA member to shoot the qualifier? If so, can you join IDPA while at the club?
  11. Sub Adults: 18-20

    Thanks. I was familiar with 11-47-33. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something where 18-20 year olds are concerned. It seems the state made a point of preventing them from buying handguns, but not to own them. Goofy oversight but I don't want to provide false information. It's...
  12. Sub Adults: 18-20

    Bingo LenS. I am a MA resident, but I work (and grew up) in RI, and have a RI LTC. I'm also an NRA instructor and do a lot of classes in MA. I just did one in RI, though, my first since they are not required for possession of a firearm in RI. I have to do a component on MA law to meet MA's...
  13. Sub Adults: 18-20

    I can't seem to find anywhere in the laws where it sates that it is illegal for a citizen aged 18-20 to possess a handgun. I have found that it s illegal to "sell" to a person 18-20. Can anyone shed light on this for me? I understand one must be 21 to acquire a permit to carry 11-47-11 One...
  14. CT Non-Res with Restrictions in MA - Any issues?

    Thanks Cabinetman. All Lawful Purposes it is then. Buketduder, there is an 8.5" by 11" app and a small card stock app too. It's on the card app.
  15. CT Non-Res with Restrictions in MA - Any issues?

    I too am applying for my CT permit. I hold an unrestricted MA permit. Under reason for issuance, I always put, "All Lawful Purposes." What should I put in this box on the CT permit?
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