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  1. WTS WTS Glock 29sf

  2. WTS WTS Glock 29sf

  3. Kentucky Police Officer Mistakenly Shoots Himself

    probably sprinkled some "powdered sugar" on those donuts as well
  4. 16 Gauge?

    i have had good luck in the past at the dicks off of 290 in worcester and the dicks in dedham. haven't looked for it in a few years though.
  5. Defending against knife attacks

    haha scold him like you're disciplining a puppy that just pee'd on the floor when you were outside literally 2 minutes ago.
  6. Defending against knife attacks

    recently saw a photo of a LEO with super deep slices the length and width of his back because he decided to not shoot or taze a knife wielding suspect. Against someone with a knife, I am not taking any chances because "I think I can disarm them"
  7. M&P series.

    i also would like to know this info.
  8. All whites are racist, and only whites can end racism

    The amount of racist black people that I have met in my life working with inner city kids easily trumps the amount of racist white people I have met. Two way street folks.
  9. Winter Concealment Setup

    m&p9c, sometimes a fullsize appendix using a raven concealment vanguard 2
  10. What was that about .380 on a bear???

    dude didn't drop one F bomb....fake as hell
  11. There is a Santa Claus - his name is Best Buy

    yup. it's best buy...eff'em
  12. Tactical Winter Coat there you go...uses the same mag as your dewalt drill.
  13. Interstellar - anyone seen it yet?

    I felt the movie was amazing. As far as sci-fi movie's go it's in my top 5.
  14. Chiappa Little Badger, thoughts?

    or you look at the chiappa x-caliber
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