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  1. Advice needed Im looking for a RDS cover plate with iron sight

    oh sorry i was on mobile last night and the pics didnt come through so you're looking for an MOS cover that has a dovetail? or do you have some kind of dedicated optic cut that eliminated the rear dovetail?
  2. Advice needed Im looking for a RDS cover plate with iron sight

    I’m confused. What are you looking for? A red dot adapter plate that fits into your rear dovetail?
  3. New Acquisitions April 2021- Firearms

    Did you have two pocket knives in your right front pocket? I see everything
  4. New Acquisitions April 2021- Firearms

    the one that was asking about @MAGAArms 's plate carrier? lol hi
  5. New Acquisitions April 2021- Firearms

    Another successful trip to the mill
  6. The Open Carry Warzone (enter at own risk)

    Someone organize an open carry rally
  7. P320 Mag Shortage

    If you can’t find any. Then buy some “p320 mag repair kits”. It’s basically a high cap mag disassembled. And then just block it to 10 rounds once you get it.
  8. Orange County shooting

    Reptile, is that you?
  9. New AR Lowers in Mass??

    people arguing about post healy or pre-healy meanwhile people that arent poor with pre-94's eating their popcorn watching the debate [popcorn]
  10. New Acquisitions March 2021- Firearms

    my favorite days to go to the mill are wednesdays because thats when you arent there and randy gives me a list of everything you have
  11. New: The Rare Breed Triggers FRT-15 Forced Reset AR-15 Trigger

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPFEqqnn8Cg
  12. New Acquisitions March 2021- Firearms

    just picked her up today
  13. WTS Rare Breed FRT-15 Trigger

    Brand new in box, direct from manufacturer. Out of stock everywhere, get these while you can. Drops in directly to your AR lower, anti-walk pins included with trigger assembly. Valid LTC-A Required, $500 Each Local meetup in North Shore area available, or add $10 for USPS Priority Mail.
  14. Interview in Salem, MA

    If this is a big thing for you, it may be worth considering living in Peabody or Beverly and just driving to Salem for work
  15. Active Shooter in CO, 10 Dead

    is it weird that no one is screaming during this gunfire?
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