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  1. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Classic. Out of fear of the unmasked being an imminent threat, the mask enforcer marches right up into someone's personal space and demands they wear a mask. It's not unlike the brave anti-gunner getting in the face of someone open carrying. They know there's no real danger, which helps them...
  2. NH: Need for preemption to stop towns from enacting local firearms bans

    I, and others, have pointed out why that is wrong. It's not an improvement, and it reverses current state law about "use". If "use" is removed, then what, exactly, are we to sue over? License issuance is already covered. "Use" is the only real violation of preemption where we need teeth, and...
  3. Rare Breed Triggers Accused Of Creating "Machine Gun" Loses First Court Battle With ATF

    If you sign the document, you're claiming ownership and are subject to prosecution. If you don't, they just seize your property; you can't sue to get it back, since you already said it wasn't yours.
  4. NH: Need for preemption to stop towns from enacting local firearms bans

    So, what did you think when Alan Rice was NHFC's guy? One of the infuriating things about NH gun politics, is NIH syndrome. It's always two against one. Reminds me of my first wife's family, where one of the siblings was always on the outs; they just took turns being the black sheep. Some...
  5. H&R to bring back the M1 Garand

    It's still in bankruptcy court, but the PSA parent company has dibs on H&R. Maybe NEF also; I'm not sure about that.
  6. Maryland: Hyattsville Mayor Kevin Ward Dies by Suicide

    Fort Marcy Park? Same as Vince Foster. What information did Kevin Ward have on the Clintons?
  7. Ukraine drafting women

    I feel attacked. Wacha is my boy. Not only did he grow up in Texarkana, the Cards are my team. For extra irony, he now has a one year contract with the Red Sox for 2022.
  8. Ukraine drafting women

    I haven't read this thread, but every time I see the title "Ukraine drafting women", I think of teams in harness pulling plows in the wheat fields.
  9. H&R to bring back the M1 Garand

    PSA/H&R producing a new M1 Garand out of all forged parts is interesting, should it ever happen. Meanwhile, how about they bring back the Handi Rifle? They could make a killing on it with 16" threaded barrels in .300 Blackout, plus all the traditional popular calibers.
  10. NH: Need for preemption to stop towns from enacting local firearms bans

    I agree with the need for repercussions. I don't agree that giving up "use" gains ground. It cedes ground already won, already in the statutes. Do you think that some municipalities aren't already drooling at the thought of being able to outlaw all recreational shooting and hunting?
  11. Shooters Outpost attempted break-in this morning

    Yes, William is such a common name in Latin America. :rolleyes:
  12. One less crazy lib in the NH House

    "According to multiple sources, Hyland had intended to switch parties last week, too. After being subjected to some of the same bullyings from fellow House Democrats experienced by Read and Labranche, Hyland chose to leave the house entirely."...
  13. AZ - Jose Guerena Shot 60 Times By SWAT Team

    I never would have guessed.
  14. Barre, VT Gun Show

    If I still had my C&R, I'd make the trip over. Nice town, some good places to eat.
  15. AZ - Jose Guerena Shot 60 Times By SWAT Team

    He did indeed post ignorantly without understanding.
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