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  1. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  2. NES/MFS August Giveaway

  3. Biracial 8yo gets hung from tree in NH

    My thoughts as well. I also think that if it was an accident we would have heard of the teens calling for 911, and not the story that the kid freed himself.
  4. Should I wait until constitutional concealed carry bill passes or go get permit now?

    Manchester stretches it out to the full 14.
  5. '17 NH Constitutional Carry, SB12 is law & U can carry if U can own, including MA res

    Unfortunately I'll be fired if I don't go to work this time. I will be sending to My reps.
  6. Mark Wahlberg Gets it

    Liking someone who happens to be anti-gun, does not make someone anti-gun to me. He didn't like Clinton or Trump, neither did I. But, At least I see why you say what you do.
  7. Mark Wahlberg Gets it

    You sure about that?I was pretty positive both of them are fairly outspokenly pro-gun.
  8. Favorite Firearms-Related YouTube Channels?

    I like a lot of the ones mentioned, but also like NeverenuffAmmo for his Guns and geek podcasts and "Go **** Yourself Videos". He even did one for everyone's Favorite AG, Maura. Top 3 are Probably MAC, NEA, and Reid Henrichs.
  9. Have any money left on your Flexible Spending Account?

    Yup, happened at my Wife's job. So they stopped allowing the FSA VIsa card to be used for anything but Doctor's offices (not including dentists and Physical therapy as I found out). Everything was still eligible though, so you could be reimbursed. It kept people from using everything before they...
  10. SNHU Arena (formally Verizon Wireless Arena) Letter

    Might I recommend sending a copy to Tammy Simmons, she is a Manchester Ward 10 Rep who is Pro-2A.
  11. What are you watching on Netflix thread

    Started season 5 of Longmire. I love this show.
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