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  1. MiL House Cleanout - Bayonet. What do I have here?

    Neat to see so many bayonet aficionados here!
  2. Gun Free Zone: Gun Club

    Guns are definitely allowed in the classroom so you can show the students different action types, for example. FWIW when I taught for a bit, I never asked if anyone had a gun on them. First, in MA it's unlikely in a basic LTC class; second, if I don't ask then no one has to lie.
  3. NH Man Charged With Poaching For Shooting Turkey With 9mm From Car Window

    I witnessed this in Arizona a few weeks ago. Truck pulled over on the side of a fairly busy road and driver was standing next to it aiming a rifle. The funny bit was that she was wearing camo as if there wasn't a big truck two feet away.
  4. House Passes 2022 AWB; Senate Up Next

    Does it even matter anymore? F*ck the GOP establishment, they haven't had our backs in decades.
  5. Colorado Springs LGBT Club Mass Shooting

    Yeah, most likely a white guy in his 20s.
  6. M&P 2.0 Metal Frame Review

    Having recently gone down the rabbit hole of legal cases involving "hair triggers", I wouldn't change the trigger on a carry gun at all. If you can't find a free state version of an M&P, buy a different gun.
  7. Reasonable 9mm pistol accuracy

    I'm seeing a colossal difference in this thread between fudds and competition-type shooters, it's quite amusing.
  8. Reasonable 9mm pistol accuracy

    The only people that ever bring that up are the ones who can't keep rounds on a poster board at three yards.
  9. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    Everyone I've run into with FA in those pits has been very friendly and welcoming to this semi-auto peasant. Never an issue.
  10. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    I don't think it's for the same reasons. The concern with shooting .22lr at longer distances is that it'll hit the ground and ricochet up and over the berm. With full auto the concern would be recoil driving the muzzle up and sending bullets too high. That being said, I do agree that .22lr...
  11. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    You're not allowed to shoot rifle calibers at those steel plates but subgubs (in pistol calibers) can go full auto. Full auto is also allowed at the 100, I believe.
  12. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    Where does it say that in the rule book? (Hint: it doesn't)
  13. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    Oh I can afford the card. But that's it [laugh]
  14. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    I think that's only if you're going to shoot full auto. I go to those pits all the time with non-NFA guns.
  15. Harvard Sportsmen's Club

    I don't think you need anyone else's help to form opinions about people you meet. We're not in a sewing circle here. It's just like every time I've started a new job, there was someone who loved to gossip and would try to "warn me" about so-and-so. I always dismissed those comments. I'd rather...
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