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  1. plated bullets 38/357

    plated bullets.
  2. Best 22 Hornet dies?

    I use cheap things: RCBS- and LEE Collet de Luxe dies. My guns:T/C Contender pistol and BRNO 110 one shot break open action rifle. [popcorn]
  3. Grains to Grams

    I like very much my Hornady-scale that only measures in grams. I use VihtaVuori powders and .........................[rofl] [rolleyes] [rofl]
  4. Clean burning 38 loads

    There is nothing to burn so clean like VihtaVuori N-320 powder. [kiss]
  5. 55gr powder choice

    The best powder is.......Very clean burning VihtaVuori N-133. Also benchrest shooters love it! [rofl2]
  6. Anyone have issues with S&B brass?

    Never ever touch S&B-products. (In Germany; Schlecht&Billich. Means bad and cheap). [grin] [sad2] [grin]
  7. TC Contender vs revolver

    My Dan Wesson .357 Super Mag (Rem Maximum)8" barrel prints ~4"- and my T/C G2 Rem Maximum 14" barrel ~1,5" groups with cheap 180 gr copper plated resized gast bullets at 100 yard.
  8. School shooting in Finland.

    Finland is very nice place to live too, particulary where I live. Very near are 5 range for shooting. [grin]
  9. Finn Mosin match rifles?

    Never heard. Maybe it is ordinary sniper rifle before now days Sako TRG.
  10. School shooting in Finland.

    In passing, my father was born in Telluride Colorado. My sister lives in Hollywood Florida. I have been many times in USA.
  11. Military surplus ammo ruined my m1 garand UPDATED

    I never use military surplus shit. Here in Finland thre .308 Wolf - cartridges in black box was blowing thre guns. [frown]
  12. School shooting in Finland.

    This is sad. You always hear from those Euroweenies talking about our crazy "gun culture". I guess they can STFU now. [rofl] News tell also, that Finland is most "American culture country" in Europe. [rofl] [rolleyes] [rofl] But no need to carry guns in veryn fine Finland!!!!!! Also...
  13. School shooting in Finland.

    The boy was two days before shooting by police. Boy was very clever and good in the scool. He was first class citizen. Police, who was making the interview mus to go in the hearing. [crying] Police was also visiting boys home later, but he was not there. Some inspector says, no house search...
  14. School shooting in Finland.

    This youtube gun was semiautomatic only. [rofl] Mayby you know already; the gun in Kauhajoki was Walther 22 Sport with long barrel.
  15. Lapua Brass

    Here in Finland You can to pick up ones fired Lapua and Sako cases cal..308Win, 7,62x54R and .30-06 to the shooting places. Because I am reloader it makes me:[rofl]
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