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  1. How are the gardens?

    Have a couple of tomatoes that got leveled from the storm. Lost some sunflowers and a nice morning glory. Peppers, beans and most tomatoes survived. It's interesting to see what made it through the storm and what didn't.
  2. Reloading Tightgroup (hodgdon) .45ACP

    Hodgdon is going to cover their ass. If you really want to tweak your loads start low and work up looking for pressure signs and run them over a chrony.
  3. Wauwatosa Wisconsin Attorney Accused Of Buying Illegal Firearms

    It is legal to buy guns for cash from dudes in parking lots in MA.
  4. What is wrong with my 1911??

    Your sear spring may not be tuned properly.
  5. Competition seating dies

    Redding also.
  6. Looking at a new 5" Production gun - anyone have experience with the XD or M&P Pros?

    Looks like size, capacity, and match grade barrel are the differences. I've fired both the XD and the M&P and would take the XD without a doubt.
  7. Tax Free Weekend

    If your going to the wedding too, tell her your going to need a new CCW to match your suit.
  8. Feel like I forgot to do something today!

    I'm surprised it didn't go on a shooting spree.
  9. Carrying at Logan

    Doesn't this mean people traveling east on the MA Pike break the law by taking the 1A exit? After all it's underneath the airport. What about entering the Ted Williams Tunnel? That's in the airport too. Concealed is concealed. You need to decide which situation you prefer.
  10. G34 Recoil Spring Assembly

    Stock recoil springs on all my Glocks.
  11. The Shooters Box Malden no ship to Mass ????

    Not all MA shops are cowardly.
  12. School me on chronographs

    I'm pretty sure it was Underwhere that built the LED canopy. I also have a CED M2 that I think works well. It can be a little touchy with overcast if you are under baffles. In an open area it's much better.
  13. Home defense question

    You could offer him coffe and cookies. He might just be hungry.
  14. Getting assaulted.

    There were two guys that got beat down in the video. The second guy was near the car on the ground.
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