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  1. Court rules Student debt is dischargeable in Bankruptcy

    Perhaps this will now tighten lending standards.
  2. TS Agents at Logan Airport stopped a man who was attempting to bring an antique gun through security on Christmas Day.

    This past November I was traveling to Texas with my wife and 2.5yr old daughter for my nieces wedding. We were going thru security and got pulled aside. I didn’t think much of it at first because my wife always tries to get food or water in her backpack thru security and always gets caught...
  3. Preban AR Mags

    The Cetme L mags are complete junk. Stay away.
  4. Erie Man Shot In The Buttocks By Three Year Old

    I’ma gonna bust a cap in yo ass Pa.
  5. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I don’t think they pulled it. I just saw the ad last night on tv.
  6. You need to move to New Hampshire...

    I’ve been commuting from the south coast to the Littleton are for almost 20yrs. They always get more snow up there in the winter. It’s hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.
  7. You need to move to New Hampshire...

    The winter weather north of Boston is definitely worse than south of the city.
  8. Return of the HK MP5

    Unless you have a detached garage or other building right?
  9. WW2 US Firearms between Europe vs Pacific

    Thompson sub kits are on gunbroker right now from bowman if anyone is interested in building there own semi
  10. Deals and steals

    They also have. Cetme C parts kits for $89.99 and Cetme L. Kits fore. $275
  11. 'Ghost gun' kits targeted by anti-gun group

    This a year old. Did you just come out of a coma?
  12. Moving & Packaging Firearms. Ideas?

    Harbor freight has cheap moving blankets
  13. Why buy a youth rifle over an AR?

    I was just joking. Not serious
  14. Why buy a youth rifle over an AR?

    Fudd [rofl]
  15. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I’ve stopped even trying to match my socks. Hell I’ll wear one long and one short.
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