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  1. More on the "old ammo" theme

    I only found them on a couple of sites and no prices. Just that they are quiet rare.
  2. More on the "old ammo" theme

    I gotcha, I was looking at your original post pictures and it looked like you were showing the inside of one of the red boxes in the 3rd pic since you didn't show the white ones till the end. That's why I was thinking there were bullets in a red box.
  3. More on the "old ammo" theme

    Another possibility, if you opened the red box you showed, is that someone put the bullets in there and sealed it to make it seem as though its unopened ammo. See what they weigh, the one you showed will be twice as heavy as it should be for 20 rds.
  4. More on the "old ammo" theme

    Oh the sealed boxes of ammo are definitely worth some bucks. I suspect the bullet boxes are too.
  5. More on the "old ammo" theme

    Someone emptied the red label Franford Arsenal box of the cartridges that were in it and refilled it with bullets for some reason. Note it says cartridges and references the powder used too. I have one of those with the actual rounds in it. Never seen the white boxes before though. Post those...
  6. M1 Carbine firing pin specs ? Mine 'miked' at 2.962"...

    2.957” so yours is actually a little long. Here's the technical manual for them.... Cal .30 Carbines M1,M1A1,M2 & M3 TM 9-1276.pdf
  7. Odd ball ammo available.

    @roccoracer that white stuff on the bullets is lead oxide and is highly toxic. Much more so than lead. Do not inhale it and wash your hands!
  8. I need 30-30

    Same here in a 1920s Marlin and a 1940s Win94
  9. Gun store question

    I don't get what's wrong with that?
  10. Gun store question

    Why? The people who own it now had NOTHING to do with that. That would be the same as blaming Trump for something Obama did that you didn't like because its the same office he held. In other words, completely nonsensical and stupid.
  11. Who is still a fan of gun shows?

    10 Bucks??? You obviously hadn't been to one in a very long time. They haven't been 10 bucks in Mass for YEARS! Just more and more to get in the door, no thanks.
  12. Gun store question

    The store that has not been owned by the people in that thread for like 5 years now? Northshore Firearms. You can say it. They have been under new ownership by 2 good guys who are pro 2A and are not at all like the old ownership so can we please stop maligning them already for something they had...
  13. Who is still a fan of gun shows?

    This all was maybe the case 5 or so years ago, not anymore. No great prices haven't seen a vendor lower prices towards the end in a LONG time since they're pretty much just packing it up for the next show the following week.
  14. Maga arms

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