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  1. NH & Maine Conceal Carry & Transport

    I’ll add: if you are pulled over in Maine and you are carrying and you don’t have a Maine carry permit you have to inform the cop you have a gun.
  2. Which model do you prefer more?

    Smith, but that's because I have one and I have no experience with the Trooper. I own two Colt revolvers, a detective special and a python (both nickel) and would love to add a Trooper or an Anaconda and a King Cobra and a Cobra....You can't go wrong with either although if you want to shot a...
  3. WTS **SOLD*** Glock 43 w/ Ameriglo Cap night sights

    Location : Plymouth MA area Description : Up for sale is my Glock 43 in excellent condition. Comes with Ameriglo CAP sights-(front post has a trijicon tube), 3 mags (2 have pearce +1 extensions) box, CYA IWB holster, mag holster and Talon grip tape. Accessories : 3 mags, holster, box and mag...
  4. Called out for not wearing a mask

    This web site is a fantastic source for rational covid data analysis. Everything you need is right on their homepage. Rational Ground - Clear Reasoning on National Policy for COVID-19
  5. Which optics brand do you own the most of?

    Leupold and Vortex scopes and Holosun red dots.
  6. Ok! We saw your snubbies, let's see your mid length revolvers now.

    There is a gallery section for this sort of post but I’ll play anyway.
  7. WTB CZ 75 Pre Ban magazines

    Looking to buy pre ban 15 rnd CZ-75 mags. Thanks
  8. 2020 - Over 23 Million Firearms Sold - Bonanza!

    I only contributed 2 to that number. I need to do better.
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