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  1. m38

    M38 can be a Soviet Mosin Nagant carbine, Turk '98, or Swedish carbine. They have nothing in common. Even the Willy's jeep is an M38.
  2. It's Fred's Fault - $525 Funshow Finds

    I sold 2 Tula 91's years ago, .....along w/ a M27 finn and a M28. $525.00 as a package.. What a difference 4 years makes. I only paid $75.00 each. Finn '91's usually had the rear sight cut for better accuracy. I'm not seeing that on yours.
  3. Original German Ammo from WWII...

    I have only a few rounds of 1935 German 7.92 left. Lots of 1940..1945 .303 mkVII on chargers in Bandoliers.
  4. 1937 Lion Crest VZ24 in the house! W/Pics after cleaning.

    I would put a deposit down on the 1895. The Ankara is a VG rifle, but the Chilean is unique in many ways. The cut out in the receiver to strengthen is just one. 7x57 is a great cartridge and there has been some well priced surplus ammo coming in country. Hell, put a deposit on both!! Do you...
  5. School me on spanish FR8

    This is also a subject at Accurate reloading. The Ruger is one fugly rig! FR8 at least has some class.
  6. Yet another M44

    I gave one to my oldest son a few years ago, a 1952 Hungarian M44. That rifle is very accurate. Congrats!!
  7. Build for my son

    Here she is, the see through rings do suck! So they will be replaced w/ some true Weaver steel tomorrow. I blued the bolt handle, sleeve and extracyor so he can use her this winter for 'yotes.
  8. Combat .357 Mag Model, 19, 66, or 686

    I have a 19-4. Awesome revolver. I hunt w/ it.
  9. Fin m91

    It does have a globe front sight, but the post has been stretched. It is flat in back and has visible tool marks. It is about 1/16" longer than my other front posts on 91/30's. It is also thinner than a standard post at the top. I bought this rifle a few years ago from the importer, so bubba...
  10. Fin m91

    No, your missing the point. I have a Finnish 91/30, a 1938 that the front post has been stretched!!!
  11. Fin m91

    Does anyone have a front post that was "Stretched" for lack of a better term?
  12. Build for my son

    Finding a cheap, usable barreled action is getting tough. I over paided for what I got as the doner rifle, but it will last him a lifetime now.
  13. Chilean Mauser 1895

    Check w/ Sarco, Numrich, and don't forget old gunsmiths!!! Since many rifles were sportered, they often have a pile of old stocks.
  14. Old Savage Arms .22 Hornet (Looking for info)

    Looking at the rifle design and color of the Bluing, I would say pre 1938. That is a great find! The butt plate looks to be pre 1932, since almost all manufactures went to Steel flat or bakalite/plastic. She looks to be a K98/06 look alike. Pics of the bolt would help.
  15. Build for my son

    Ok here is where I am now: OK, The stock is finished. I had to do some fitting, but I'm very happy w/ it. I finished it w/ BLO and Hoppes gun wax. The woodland camo laminate looks stellar w/ this finish. I stripped the rifle down to bare nothing and took it out for some test shots w/ the...
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