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  1. Understanding the Biden Gun Tax
  2. The Army's new Sniper Rifle (MK22 ASR) with Retired Special Forces Sniper Kevin Owens

  3. American Gunmaker John Moses Browning documentary film

  4. Ice fishing the Russian way.

  5. Making AMMO.

  6. Fishers have moved into the Catskill Mountains.

    Believe it or not - A friend told me years ago that his g.uncle had trapped a Fisher in the Adirondacks in 1919 that he was able to sell at auction and buy a new Model T Ford with - and still had $45.00 left over to pay for the gas for the year..... that's how much Fisher were worth back then -...
  7. Wyoming mule deer migration.

  8. This is quite unusual.

  9. Ammo Lawsuit Against Cabelas Could Mean BIG Changes For Firearms Retailers

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  10. Deer processing at home.

  11. How to sight in your rifle in two shots.

  12. One expensive tuna.

    No waste here. View:
  13. Shooting deer while videoing with smart phone.

    What actually happened was the deer which was a spike buck walked along and I wasn't going to kill it until it ran back. Then it turned and came towards me and I thought that I had a chance to record a kill shot so that is what I finally did. After viewing the video I realized that if I had...
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