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  1. stratfor demolishes "mexico crime gun" nonsense, ATF about to get reamed

    well joe you got your wish :)
  2. Progressive public teachers create problems, dyslexia

    or vote at all. in most elections attended, the underdog has virutally no chance of winning. unsurprisingly, political action is similar to violent crime: the VCA chooses the time and place and you just have to deal with it. heh, don't worry, that's just your public education alerting you...
  3. Thinking about all this bullshit in Egypt!

    taxation is theft, it is the point of a gun. 100 years from now everyone's grandkids are going to be having this same argument about whether the german guy or the japanese guy or the chinese guy should be prime minister of the united nations or some such nonsense. they're going to have been...
  4. Thinking about all this bullshit in Egypt!

    i hear that, but my give-a-care runs out at the state border, and even still, it's pretty thin beyond my town/county. why be 1 in 700,000 with a rep when you can be 1 in 10,000 or less? same principle, don't settle for the next best thing. assert that 10th amendment.
  5. Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll

    or possibly that they're incapable of doing it. bobby jindal was there in 2009, he's out. romney barely beat mccain in 2008 and won handily in 2007, what happened? giuliani was there in 2007, he's out, too. as for winners that pulled through, reagan won it in 76, 80, 84, and gwb won it in 2000...
  6. Ron Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll

    ok well the full list of scores is: so who else is there, currently? i know of donald trump, there's one.
  7. Donald Trump at CPAC

    yeah, looking forward to seeing the pundit class dismiss the CPAC straw poll results again this year. "dear young republicans... shut up!"
  8. Police disassembled gun before returning it to stopped driver

    sounds like tim burns is afraid of guns.
  9. IPSC Grandmaster exchanges gunfire with armed robbers

    bad time to bring up the IPSC weiner...?
  10. IPSC Grandmaster exchanges gunfire with armed robbers

    1. Bring a gun. Preferably, bring at least two guns. Bring all of your friends who have guns.
  11. Human Truths - Humor

    goddamn throgs neck bridge from long island to the mainland i swear my clutch will burn out one day right in front of the tollbooth as i rev the engine to 5k rpms to get in 1st gear while simultaneously politely suggesting to the noo yawk idiot appearing on my front quarter that he ought to...
  12. Maine:Shades of 'Seinfeld' in alleged bottle-refund scam

    recycling is just as much a scam, but nobody pays you for it.
  13. More on Sabre Defence

    the company made a public statement a year ago when the raid took place:
  14. PATRIOT ACT passes; now I've got legislative whiplash

    i found a complete list. it's not so bad by the numbers, in spite of the bachmann disappointment. eight of the 26 republicans that voted against the extension were both freshmen and backed by the tea party: unfortunately, they're outnumbered by tea party backed candidates that voted for it...
  15. stratfor demolishes "mexico crime gun" nonsense, ATF about to get reamed

    i know it, joe. but senator grassley writing letters and getting stonewalled hopefully catches some media attention. the latest can't be the greatest without people doing something about it. not sure if i can interest senator brown in this, though.
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