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  1. Colt’s New King Cobra Target .22LR Revolver

    $1000 Ouch!!!!!! Pass
  2. Home range backstop.

    Some of the guys I've seen at the Range would aerate that Kubota quick [mg]
  3. How much would you pay for it?

    If you'da put a Pinty on that pig you could sell it for any asking price [banana]
  4. 400 Bullet Proof Vests Stolen In NYC

    Probably the Russian mob [devil]......
  5. Weaponlights + weaponlight/laser advice

    Have had a TLR-1 for about 3 years ,so far so good [cheers]
  6. Goal alert for hunters

    None, Factory height with Carmichael bend
  7. Goal alert for hunters

    Curious is that the same for my Boa/fishing license and Dirtbike off road fee, cuz I know more trails are closed than ever
  8. Goal alert for hunters

    Yep everything here is spot on.....
  9. Goal alert for hunters

    Go hunt on Sundays like I said earlier don't care either way now let me call you a Whaaaammmbulance
  10. Goal alert for hunters

    That's what your Mom is for tuff guy LoL ,But hurt easy hey
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