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  1. Biden gun control fearmongering Megathread

    Let them pass whatever they want......the days of the powerful making laws to control the powerless are soon coming to an end.
  2. 2 FBI agents killed, 3 hurt in shooting while serving warrant in Florida

    Cameras will become "obstruction of justice". Our cameras not the FBI's
  3. Cross Eye Dominance Advice?

    Same here, right handed, left eye dominant. Tried switching to the right eye, but hadn't much success, probably because the left eye is so much better. Only problem is getting beaned on the head with empty cases occasionally.
  4. CZ 97 .45 Yes or No ?

    My CZ 75 has a short chamber, I have to seat reloads deeper than normal.I haven't had that problem with the CZ97 using 230 round nose seated 1.250. maybe with a different style bullet? When I got the 97, trigger was lousy alot of creep, A aftermarket hammer from Cajun gun works ($85) was a...
  5. Missouri Gun Shop Refuses To Sell Weapons, Ammo To Biden Supporters, And They’re Very Upset

    Agree........They are indistinguishable just like all the suck-hole biden voters at our clubs.
  6. You need my LTC for that!

    Corporations suck, too many rules without any thought. Cashier would probably be reprimanded if they didn't ask.
  7. Democrats waste no time in coming for your guns with new proposed bills

    They can pass whatever they want, ....this time millions of people will just ignore them....... what is the ruling class do then?
  8. So, they're afraid of everyone

    Liberty is when politicians are afraid to start their cars in the morning.
  9. Video of California's DoJ confiscation squad in action

    Whenever I see stuff like this, I say God bless the Branch Davidians 😁
  10. In latest clash with NRA, Gov. Newsom signs bill to help police trace guns

    At some point enough people will start ignoring the law (this should be happening already) What are the ruling class going to do then.
  11. Powder recommendation 38 Special/357 Magnum

    I use both bullseye and 231 for 38 special. 2400 for 357's. I like 2400 because it fills the case three quarters.14.8 grains over 158 fmj, not possible to double charge.
  12. How Old Too Old - Ammo

    I have Turkish 1942 8mm mauser ammo that shoots fine, cases have some surface corrosion.
  13. How many kids came for Halloween?

    Only 3, ......Sad , the control freaks have destroyed everything.
  14. What to expect if The Liberals win

    Food and Drug administration 😁
  15. Duxbury Police seize guns from old man

    I wonder if he had any primers.
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