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  1. WTS Sig 220 Price Drop

    Wts sig 220 DAK in VG condition. Nite sites, 2 mags and case. Low round count. Efa10 in southeast Massachusetts $700 No trades
  2. WTS Onkyo HT-790 7.1 Home Theater system

    This is 7ch×130 W. This a high end home stereo system $1000 new $450 I'm in southeast Massachusetts. PM any questions
  3. WTS Onkyo HT-790 7.1 Home Theater system

    WTS Onkyo Home Theater System.
  4. Four seasons guns

    I took the ride to Four seasons this morning. Always a pleasure. I picked up the FN 509 Fde 9mm. Great pistol and Great price and service. I seen Karl pushing a dolly full of ammo. I must have been Hallucinating. Lol. Again Great store with Great staff and Owner. Thanks again for the great...
  5. WTS Weightlifting equipment

    Can I come tomorrow to look at it? 774-627-9055 John
  6. Free Window A/Cs

    I’ll take them. Thank you
  7. WTS CRKT Knife

    Wts CRKT knife. $40 In Rehoboth
  8. What is this is worth?

    posting for a friend. I’m looking for more information about this pistol. I’m not sure where to start. I got some information from Google, Thanks in advance
  9. Old FID

    I don't have the time or money to Challenge that. Would an old FID hold up in court? It does say valid until suspended or revoked. Flame away!!
  10. Old FID

    I can't believe it was 2 dollars. My have this state and times have changed.t
  11. Maura's head would turn red.

    I Like the Hand grenade instructions. Hold, Pull pin, throw and DUCK! That's awesome.
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