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May 10, 2012
Sep 3, 2007
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    1. Taka
      Thanks for taking care of me at the Manchester Gun Show today. and thanks for giving me the NES discount.
      Excellent lights.
    2. LORD of WAR
      LORD of WAR
      hey john

      i have a freedom light from one of the group buys on here...i actually purchased 3...and theyre great lights...im having a problem with one. the o-ring had gotten all brittle and the rubber on/off pressure cap came off the tail end of the light...what should i do?
    3. scooter

      I don't mean to be impatient but I would like to know if you got my payment. Please confirm about the R2 and the paypal info so I can know for sure.

      My email is,
      [email protected]
      My email is
      [email protected] C
    4. Pomeraniac
      I have purchased several lights from John for myself and as gifts, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. He's responsive, fair, and the products are excellent.

      I'm saving up to buy a few more, and I am recommending John's lights to everyone I know.

      Thanks for everything, John!!!
    5. eyesopen
      For those that haven't done business with John before he is professional, service oriented and sells great products. I purchased a few lights from him - both for my own use and as gifts for others. All were received with great reviews.

      As an example of his customer service I will relate a recent transaction. one of the lights I purchased required a little more pressure to turn on than it's other units. It wasn't a big enough deal to contact John but I made mention of it when I saw him at the Marlboro gun show. He immediately grabbed another light from his show kit, unscrewed the cap with the switch and handed it to me - no cost or questions.

      That's the kind of customer service that I vote with my dollar to support.

      Thanks John.
    6. eyesopen
      Hi John,
      Thank you (and C-Pher) for this excellent offer. I would like to purchase a few of your lights - am I too late to get in on the group buy? In either case, thank you for your support.

    7. Fixxah
      John, I received my tactical headlamp today. Very nice to win it. While I am glad i have a new addition to my light inventory (LOL), I could only find english in directions and other paperwork. That is awesome! I assume it was made in Califofnia too. +1...Thanks again, John L.
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