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  1. 9/25/18 - One arrested for murder aboard fishing vessel off coast of Nantucket, Mass.

    I shoot breaking news video from one of the news helicopters and got to cover their boat coming into the harbor. Guys on deck were all smiles like nothing had happened. Waved to the helicopter. Captain said something and they moved inside. Was wild
  2. Let it lapse, let the flogging begin

    SO I've been off the forums for awhile. School, work and life and I just disappeared. Logged in today to check some oppinons on the new bill and get some more info on it... And it hurt when I realized I was just a Registered User with a black user name. Had to fix it regardless of how...

    Somebody better let my battalion know.. We completely missed this training durring our two weeks. Shit.
  4. Note from MARGO (MA Responsible Gun Owners) Founding Member

    I've been off the grid for a little, work and life have me under a rock. I'm so glad I saw this thread. Got a warm and fuzzy. You guys (NES) are the best.
  5. Stop and Frisk ruled unconstitutional

    A few years ago I was SLAMMED into a wall in Jamaica Queens for "dressing like I had drugs on me." Part time I work in "underground" night club promotion for a friends sounds and lighting company. I dress like a goof. *shrug* It's fun, don't care what anyone else thinks. I was ignorant to the NY...
  6. FBI survailance ?

    I have a DEAMobileNet1 BUGGED out one of my roommates. . .
  7. Channel 5 News - Boston - Pepper Spray

    No I wasn't serious.
  8. Five months to the day....The FBI sent me my UPIN!!!

    Yeah thanks. My father is a pretty .. Not good person. Or he was around that time. We have the same name. I was already known to the police for lesser things. I'm SURE it's him on my file. Which, after talking to a cop this morning, shouldn't be too hard to clear up.
  9. Martin burns target free public range some info and questions

    I didn't know this existed. My life is so much happier right now.
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