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  1. Need rotors turned.update post 82 job done

    What car and brake setup are you dealing with?
  2. Vickers analyzes shootout from the movie Heat

    Spray and pray
  3. Vickers analyzes shootout from the movie Heat

    The only thing I’d disagree with him on is the very beginning about the full auto shooting. I’d say as far as the bad guys using it right off, it’s a scare tactic and puts the public in panic creating cover for them. I don’t rob banks or have public shootouts so I could be wrong
  4. A/C help

    Is the contactor powered and pulled in? If not check it for 24 volts.
  5. (Professional) Plumbing help needed in Arlington.

    Call Brian at ABC plumbing, he’s an Arlington guy as well.
  6. Snowmobile Season Gets Off To A Bad Start

    I was just up on the bear notch road and the side trails. I don’t think they tell the rental riders to stay on your side of the trail jus like driving. Had a few close calls but nothing crazy. The ride up sawyer river road had nobody else on it up and back.
  7. GM/Chevrolet really, really suck...

    Sadly there isn’t a brand out there that you can’t find a similar situation has happened. Mirak has never been good, I go to Liberty in Wakefield and I live in Arlington. GM has had way to many issues with that trans
  8. More than 3,000 patients at New Jersey surgery center possibly exposed to HIV, hepatitis

    “The department found that members of HealthPlus' staff were not following proper sterilization procedures "and failed to comply with other regulations regarding the dispensing and storage of medication, as well as infection control planning and procedures," according to a HealthPlus Surgery...
  9. whatcha got for big bore handguns....

  10. CPAP Users Beware!

    I have that machine and didn’t realize it was that I have that machine with a nasal pillow mask, I use it everyday, I didn’t realize they were that expensive.
  11. Gun Club near Winchester?

    I belong to MRA if you want to take a look at it one night pm me. I know they get a bad rap but it’s very close, 24hr and indoor.
  12. Pickup truck battles, GM mails it in

    I’m a GM guy but it’s hard to say any of the big three are bad. It just comes down to styling and taste.
  13. tires

    Hard to beat to beat the Michelin defender tire.
  14. Arc-fault circuit breaker woes...

    What brand panel?
  15. Square Body Truck

    I’ll give you 6 cents on the dollar for the crew cab.
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