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  1. Cop Arrests Sobbing Nurse for Doing Her Job

    I find it interesting that no news outlet brings up the underlying reason for the blood draw. This guy was, by all accounts, a completely innocent victim in a head on collision. The person that hit him was being chased by the police. Why did they want his blood? Hoping he had something...
  2. CCW on a boat on the CT river

    For clarification NH does not share the CT river with VT. The entire river is in NH the state line is the shoreline on the VT side
  3. Ethics vs. Dentist

    Theft is not a grey area. If you bill for services that you do not provide then you are stealing.
  4. Ethics vs. Dentist

    Most dental plans have a small annual maximum payout. Usually around $1000. If you go over that amount in a year that you enjoyed one of these phantom exams then the fraud (theft) has been committed on you not the insurance company.
  5. Dunkin Donuts mediocrity is showing

    It has been many years since DD could even claim mediocrity. What is with all the Starbucks hate? Their coffee is much better than and no more expensive than DD.
  6. Fellow bikers, I have a question.

    I do not wave at people because they are riding a motorcycle. I do not wave at every person that I drive by in car because we are both in cars; why should I with a motorcycle? We are not friends, in the same club, part of the same tribe, or in the same cult. Should I pull over and give every...
  7. Self Driving Cars

    10 miles in 23 minutes? That is 26mph. A good pace on a bicycle.
  8. Inexpensive Laptops- What to get??

    An iPad will never replace a laptop or desktop unless Apple builds in support for multiple monitors.
  9. Self Driving Cars

    I suspect they will accomplish this through insurance regulation. All they need are statistics on how many more accidents are caused when a car is controlled by a human vs. a computer. Then they just drive the cost of insurance for human drivers through the roof. I think at some point in the...
  10. Universal Income - Will This Happen In Our Lifetime?

    Bill Maher is not a Libertarian.
  11. New shed resident.

    Not sure which half of this was funnier, but I do know that I should not have been taking a sip of my water while I read it.
  12. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    I am sure that driving this way has been used as reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop.
  13. juicer/smoothie maker

    You will not be disappointed. We have had ours for 7 years with some heavy use and no problems. I am convinced that you could use it to dispose of a body.
  14. What Pisses Me Off About Western Civilization..........

    I would not frown upon you. A gentleman's got to relax sometimes.
  15. juicer/smoothie maker

    Using a Vitamix you would not have to destem anything. It will process an entire apple, stem, seeds, core, and all. I have never tried it but it would probably process scrap wood from home repair projects. Could be a great source of supplemental fiber!
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