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  1. Teen girl shot dead by Los Angeles police firing at suspect in clothing store

    I haven't been able to watch the footage yet but the question bouncing around in my head has been, "Does the LAPD own an effing shotgun?!" This situation seems like a perfect place to use one. I bet there would be a lot fewer pissed off people right now if mom and daughter were in the hospital...
  2. using a range bag as luggage when flying

    What are the pros and cons of using a range bag as luggage? As far as i can tell the only pro is not needing a separate bag. The only con, while very unlikely, is inconvenient to say the least. What if you do get selected for additional screening and it takes long enough that you miss your...
  3. When coyotes attack

    We should reintroduce wolves into the Northeast.
  4. Police Officer Shot While Attempting To Catch Cow

    Based on them not pointing out who did shoot him I am guessing you are correct. He, or one of his highly trained coworkers, suffered a firearm "malfunction". Either way nothing will come of it. Police never eat their own, unless they are disloyal to the gang.
  5. Who is paying these prices???

    Seems like not is the time to buy that STI that i have been thinking about for years. I can tell myself that there is a lot less of a premium on it.
  6. Texas AG goes after ‘Cheaper than Dirt’ for price gouging.

    Gouging and pricing should never even be used together. I think the term they meant was "market pricing". The best example of government restriction on market pricing that I have ever personally witnessed was New Jersey in the weeks after Sandy. I am an electrical contractor and I had 4 NJ...
  7. Off-duty officer charged with manslaughter after defending his wife and children from armed gentleman

    Glad you are qualified to make that call. Personally I don't feel qualified to make that judgement about someone that isn't an active threat. Nowhere in the article did it say what was happening when he arrived.
  8. Off-duty officer charged with manslaughter after defending his wife and children from armed gentleman

    Based on the name of the publication I don't expect that this is exactly bias free reporting. If the guy was not an active threat when he got there and he picked a fight with him then he is an idiot. Sounds like that might be what happened. Being police he should know better. He should have...
  9. Feds Indict Boogaloo Sympathizer for Selling Tools That Turn AR-Style Rifles Into Machine Guns

    I think the number for front line troops may have been closer to 50,000 rounds fired per enemy killed.
  10. CCW on a boat on the CT river

    For clarification NH does not share the CT river with VT. The entire river is in NH the state line is the shoreline on the VT side
  11. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    I am sure that driving this way has been used as reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop.
  12. Trump - we need to stop people on no fly list from buying guns

    It is not just that the government, through incompetence, puts people on the list. They, through malice, have put at least one person on the list to keep them from testifying in a lawsuit against the no fly list.
  13. Landlord Prohibits Firearms on Property

    Not trying to be rude, although I am sure it will sound that way. To me this line of reasoning boils down to, "It is ok to use the government to trample on a right as long as I do not agree with that right"
  14. I'm in a self made quandry...Python or Springfield M1A Match

    If you had $2000 cash would you buy a Python? If so, keep it. If not, sell it and buy the M1A
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