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  1. Framingham Police Officer Shot

    I think it's completely wrong, and any cop that resorts to this kind of violence should be fired immediately, and perhaps arrested themselves. If he's not defending himself, it's assault, pure and simple. Yes, it sucks, and no, it's not "really" fair. But that's the price officers pay to be...
  2. where to buy gold / silver bullion coins

    I found local coin shops to be terribly overpriced. The best deals I found online were bulliondirect.com, CNA, and Blanchardgold.com .
  3. Pulled over while carrying...

    I was recently scolded for not disclosing my weapon immediately to a NH state trooper (he saw my LTC when I was getting the license out of my wallet, and asked if I had a weapon.) I think he was just looking for a reason to chew me out, though, and didn't make a big stink about it. But I...
  4. Do you use your 1911 thumb safety when C&L?

    Thanks. Just making sure!
  5. Do you use your 1911 thumb safety when C&L?

    My gal would love to carry my 1911 (and she looks damn good wearing it!), but she has the usual concerns about carrying a firearm that's cocked & locked. Obviously the gun is designed for it, but does that safe design require the use of the thumb safety? In other words, is it considered safe...
  6. A gun range with on-site storage

    Safe deposit boxes should be fine, notwithstanding open hours; every bank I know of will not only not ask what's in it, but they'll actively avoid finding out. Keeps their liability down.
  7. NES fishing Group: Quabbin trip, June 1st

    Oh, big maybe here. What do people recommend for gear/bait? Are the fish safe to eat? (I didn't see any specific advisory on the website)
  8. EASY Fishing suggestions, Natick/Framingham area?

    Our 12-year-old is keen on learning to fish, and I want to make her first few trips as easy and successful as possible. Does anyone have any good suggestions? Any kind of fish is fine, as it's mostly for her to get the experience. We hit Lake Cochituate last weekend without luck, and I'm...
  9. Turkey Hunting

    Man, I saw driving in Sherborn today, and saw 8 of them wandering around in the road. Beautiful critters. I came close to hopping out of my car and trying to catch one w/o a weapon. :) Any good reserves/guide areas for newbies open now? First year with my license.
  10. Shoot, No Shoot. Online Test

    Game Over Your Score: 415 Average reaction time: Black Armed:647.08ms Black Unarmed:786ms White Armed:693.8ms White Unarmed:766.48ms
  11. Last night's Defensive Folding Knife - Michael de Bethencourt

    +1 for Michael's classes.
  12. Dick's FREE $10 off $50 purchase coupon

    Perfect! Our 12-year-old wants to learn to fish.
  13. Left Right or Ambi?

    Lefty handguns, righty (or ambi) rifles. Somehow it works for me. I'm left-handed in most tasks.
  14. revolver suggestion for a woman

    I would strongly recommend an SP101. The higher mass does an excellent job absorbing recoil, and even the .357 magnum doesn't kick as much as 38 spc in an airweight. And the extra weight of the SP101 is really no big deal in my experience.
  15. Got burned with an online deal

    I hope you used a credit card behind the paypal transaction. Leverage them as well, as the cc companies are used to dealing with frauds, and are usually very sympathetic to their customers.
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