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  1. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Feel free to call and bring it in, I will do what I can to remedy it.
  2. WTS Colt Sporter Carbine $1500

    Pre 1994 Colt Sporter Lightweight Carbine. Comes with 1 preban mag. $1500
  3. WTS Preban Colt AR long range setup $1500

    Pre 1994 Colt HBAR set up for long range shooting. HBAR 1/7 twist original barrel, free float handguard with an aggressive muzzle brake. Aftermarket 2 stage trigger, very crisp and light. Comes with Burris 6-24 x 40 Signature scope. This scope was $600 alone before they were discontinued...
  4. WTS Unfired Colt SP1 Carbine $1650

    Very nice, brand new original Colt preban mag included. This gun appears to be unfired, has a small chip on the upper receiver. $1650.00
  5. WTS PRE-89 AKS

  6. WTS Pre 1994 Norinco

  7. WTS Pre 1994 Norinco

    Preban Norinco MAK90, also includes a regular style black stock. Comes with 1 magazine. $1000
  8. WTS Pre 1994 Colt Sporter Target

    Nice shape, all original parts. Comes with 1 preban mag. $1500
  9. WTS PRE-89 AKS

    Excellent condition PRE-89 "AKS" imported by B West. This is an imported gun made in Factory 386 (polytech). Comes with 1 preban magazine. This is a steal at $1500
  10. Identifying Pre Ban Glock Scherer Magazines

    I used to have a copy of an email from Scherer years said if the metal underlining was black, it is definitely preban. If the metal lining is silver, most likely post ban. Hope that helps...
  11. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    Maybe in the future, as of right now we are overwhelmed with making the standard caliber platform. We only have one CNC machine unfortunately.
  12. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    I see a JC Arms lower there...thanks for the business!
  13. 80% lower

    The burden of proof would be fairly easy, since you have to report a firearm within 7 days...
  14. AWB violation overturned in Dedham

    Thanks. It was interesting, and the CMR definitions definitly came into play here. To them, a fixed magazine means permanently attached (welded, fused, etc). If you read CMR 501 7.00, you will see the definition of “capable of accepting a large capacity feeding device” allows the magazine to be...
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