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  1. My son turns 18

    Tell him happy birthday from me Rich! Joe R.
  2. Anyone been to Westwood Gun Club recently?

    The range road is fine. The only thing that will suck is that the target holding areas aren't shoveled to get out to set up a target - dress appropriately. Joe R.
  3. 96.9 upcoming discussion on gun control

    Brother Severin may own a firearm or two and might even carry one but he doesn't understand what it means to be a gun guy. He hasn't talked bad about guns but nobody has ever "interviewed" him hard enough to get his true beliefs out. When that day happens, I might have more respect for him...
  4. The HIKE UP YOUR SKIRT, It's New England...I'm at work today MEGA THREAD

    Made it on time today... just 5 of us in my department. Joe R.
  5. Largest Airsoft Retailer in a 60-90 mile radius of Boston?

    If you haven't already, take a look at: and check for shops. These people will know where to go to. Joe R>
  6. Thanks to Bob P

    It was one of his reloads. It just barely got into the rifling. Joe R.
  7. For those interested in Air Pistols

    Don't overlook a good air pistol to keep the skills up. I have 1 of the Russian IZH-45's that gets a workout when it's not windy outside ( I live in an apartment and don't need the neighbors interested in what that noise was!) and it shoots better than I can hold it. There isn't any excuses when...
  8. The Men Who Own and Run the U.S. Government

    +1 for Kamal's post above. Wear the helmut tight and take aspirin, but read what is happening there. The acronym is PIIGS for the countries hurting in Europe and the party is just getting started! Joe R.
  9. .22 Rifle...Ruger 10-22 vs. others....what to buy?

    Don't be afraid to look in the used gun sections of your favorite shops. As much as the 10/22 is so adaptable, it would be one of the first .22's I get rid of if I have to thin the herd. My favorite 3 are: 1) Winchester 75 ( bought at the Amoskeag auction for $300+ fees.) 2) CZ-452 3) H&R...
  10. Tough to wake up this morning

    Well, at least the sales tax on booze is gonna go away...for now. I had a discussion at the range a few days ago about what was going to happen in the election. I had hopes but pretty much knew what was going to happen. The people in MA aren't ready or able to vote to restore liberty/freedom...
  11. Happy Birthday 50BMG

    Happy Birthday Fred! Joe R.
  12. Just in case you need to raise your blood pressure a bit

    That's it right there. How can you get through to someone that is constantly looking for someone to take care of them? I haven't figured this one out yet and if I take a minute to think about it, I'm ready for it to just come crashing down by letting these people elect these...
  13. CT is in serious trouble

    You are getting quality candidates - LOW is also a quality! Joe R.
  14. M39 New Addtion

    Unless you happen to be in the same building with Fred - then it won't be there for long! :) Joe R.
  15. Loudest Milsurp Rifle?

    Try any one of the Mauser carbines in 8MM. Guy at the range had one of the Persian calvary (sp) carbines ( actually camel ) with Port. 198 grain loads in it. Damn that thing had some shock and awe to it, even beating one of the Mosin carbines for ommph! Joe r.
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