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  1. Dick's Sporting Goods to stop selling hunting rifles in 125 stores

    Plain and simple...Dick's sucks!
  2. Grubs?

    Skunks are the culprits! Call in the experts...either Mr. Ruger or Mr. Wesson.
  3. Non Resident Connecticut LTC

    How difficult is it to obtain a non resident Connecticut LTC? Does it help in any way to have my MA LTC which I do? Trying to find out the process but can only find the process for resident LTC. Thanks.
  4. PA No Longer Recognizes NH Non-Resident License

    Thanks all. When I go down to PA in September I will get a PA non-resident license. Called the Northumberland County Sheriff's office yesterday. I will be staying less than 20 miles from there. Spoke to the nicest lady ever. She explained that I can just walk into her office Monday thru Friday...
  5. PA No Longer Recognizes NH Non-Resident License

    Just got off the phone with the PA Attorney General Office. I can no longer carry in PA with my non-resident NH license which I have been doing for the last five years. Good thing I checked before I went down there again in September. I am totally pissed! Here it is on the PA AG website. New...
  6. NH/Maine LTC

    Is my New Hampshire Non-Resident LTC good for Maine? I know New Hampshire and Maine are now permit less states but in order to carry in some Maine parks like Acadia you need a LTC. The following statement is from the Maine State Police website: "Resident permits issued by the following states...
  7. LTC/Handgun Storage

    You are right. What is the point of having a handgun if it is not going to be with you especially at home? I see him tomorrow. I will definitely make that point. Since I was wearing my M&P hat, he asked me if I had an LTC. That is how we got on the subject. I told him I'd be packin right now in...
  8. LTC/Handgun Storage

    My chiropractor asked me a question yesterday that I do not know the answer 100%. Wondering if anyone here would know. He said he recently acquired his LTC from Auburn, MA. He owns his practice in Worcester, MA. He wants to store a properly locked up handgun in his office in Worcester and leave...
  9. First thing that pops in your head about my neighbor

    Giant sized douche bag witch
  10. Hooray for Holyoke drive by and....

    Stay the hell away from there. Route 202 cuts right through the real bad section of Holyoke. My wife and I used to take that route to the Holyoke Mall until she said "what if we break down here?" I was always carrying but she said they would just laugh at me if I had to draw my weapon. And six...
  11. Shoot a .380 from a 9mm? Sure No Problem.

    OK are you all done? Finally then...I am a Vietnam vet who, believe me, has seen his share of blood and guts both deliberately and "accidentally" and doesn't care to see nor read about anymore. Just because we have a right to bear arms doesn't give us the "right" to be conducting irresponsible...
  12. Shoot a .380 from a 9mm? Sure No Problem.

    Horseman508...another one to stay clear of at the range.
  13. Shoot a .380 from a 9mm? Sure No Problem.

    You are setting a poor example especially to the younger, less experienced, and new shooters on this forum with your "experiences." If you want to take chances on your own then that's definitely up to you and YOUR choices. But to be pedaling your experimental actions and "thoughts" on this forum...
  14. Shoot a .380 from a 9mm? Sure No Problem.

    And what's the point? To take the chance to ruin your handgun or worse yet to blow your hand off? Please!
  15. Carrying in Boston

    If a person has a MA LTC no restriction license issued from another town other than Boston, can that person legally carry into Boston with no worries? Not sure since it is so difficult if not impossible to obtain a no restrictions license from Boston. Thanks.
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