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  1. Colt / armalite AR10 ?

    Im no talking a while back when I lived in mass maybe a couple years ago
  2. Medford LTC Restriction Removal

    Anyone remember when the Medford police robbed the bank in Medford square
  3. Colt / armalite AR10 ?

    I seen one like that at collectors gallery in stoneham for 2500.
  4. Bolt carrier got hung up

    Ok dm me if anyone lives in southern NH area and wants to have a blast with the bolt
  5. Bolt carrier got hung up

    I went through the hole thing gas tube and everything. Funny thing is the fail zero bolt when I got home went right into battery. But it’s outside in the snow as of now.
  6. Bolt carrier got hung up

    Okay I went to the range this morning, and the pistol worked great with 2 other bolt carriers. If any wants a fail zero bolt carrier it’s in my trash in front of my house lol.
  7. Bolt carrier got hung up

    Funny thing is I lubed the shit out of it I really go over these things before a range trip
  8. Bolt carrier got hung up

    I feel like the complete upper I purchased from palmetto was a solid choice it’s the fn barrel and the geissele rail I figured spend a few more bucks the fn barrels are top notch I use a 16 inch for my 600 yard range at my club
  9. Bolt carrier got hung up

    I’m just not impressed with the bolt, I shouldn’t of bought it. Anyway when I have time this week I’m going to do a full inspection I will let everyone know how it goes. Like I said it just seems there is a lot of friction there with this bolt the others I tried felt smooth.
  10. Bolt carrier got hung up

    Yes a couple different bolts worked fine
  11. Bolt carrier got hung up

    The upper receiver is solid with all other bcg just seems like this fail zero carrier is out of spec or poorly built the pistol I built is not my first so I’m going to take it apart and see what’s going on but this bolt is going in pile of parts and already ordered a bcm bolt
  12. Bolt carrier got hung up

    I hate to say it but it’s my own fault I should’ve stuck with what I know and should’ve got a good bolt carrier that I’ve had experience with like a BCM
  13. Bolt carrier got hung up

    Wow that’s great thanks seems like the same issue thing is junk
  14. Bolt carrier got hung up

    Nope don’t have a sling on it also I’m def dumping this bolt I should of just went with a bcm or spikes tactical bolt I would say never buy a fail zero bcg I feel strange just saying the name
  15. Bolt carrier got hung up

    Not sure I will check
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