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    Radio signal went silent for a few seconds then faded into the new station aong on progress. stream flipped over to computer controlled waaf playlist. RIP. Sad.

    Interesting to hear about the plans for revamping stuff that was all set to launch on March 2nd.

    Been listening much of the day. Good send off. RiP

    Rock will not be down for breakfast. WAAF is pretty much the only station I listen to. I guess 92.9 is mostly classic rock now? It doesn't come in well in central MA.
  5. Official Tesla / Musk Megathread

    It sounds to me like nobody paid for the upgrade ever, but the features were turned on by mistake. On the other hand, it sounds like Tesla told the buyer the features were enabled. So IMO they shouldn't disable them or they owe him the cash equivalent.
  6. The New McCain: Motherf*cker Mitt (Official Fack Mitt Romney Thread)

    Meh. Politicians gonna play politics. Dog and pony show all around with almost nobody actually giving a f*** about the people.
  7. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    1774 the militia closed the courts and threw out the judges in Worcester county. It doesn't sound like anybody was killed but it was made perfectly clear that unconstitutional rule would not be tollerated.
  8. Sharing Experience With Veterinarians

    Sorry man - you take good care of your dog and have done the best that you can for him. Cherish the time you have with him still. My pup is 15 - dreading the day bad news comes for her. I don't think I'll be able to bring myself to share how painful it will be.
  9. Tips for an Absolute Noob: Being a First Time Home Buyer

    I'd investigate all options. In my purchase a few years ago the best my mortgage broker was finding for me was 3.625% but Bank of America came through with 3.375%. Nobody else could match it. They even beat their own price quoted on their website.
  10. Tips for an Absolute Noob: Being a First Time Home Buyer

    If you are going to use any gift money from family, try to have it sitting in your account for 3 months before you apply for the mortgage. Otherwise you'll have to jump through hoops to document the gift properly. Use a rebating realtor that will pay you back part of their commission.
  11. Pellet Grill?

    Saw the (smaller) Traeger 575 at Home Depot for $400. Bellingham. Thinking about it (so don't go grabbing all of them!). Looks like in stock at several area stores.
  12. Recommendations Wanted For SUV(s)

    Can you find a junkyard/salvage part?
  13. melamine vs plywood

    Painted plywood
  14. Putin blames Poland for WWII Interesting article - reads like a Tom Clancy story and might be entertaining if it weren't true. Even has our NES favorite: a real-life...
  15. Worcester T&G: Local police consider value of armed civilians after Texas church shooting

    I just came to post this. Please considern sending these chiefs a private email of support.
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