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  1. New Hampshire Senate Passes Bill to Ban State Enforcement of Any New Executive Orders Restricting Firearms

    I live in Ma but have absolutely no intention of retiring here. looking at property in Tennessee. One of the 12 states that won't tax my pension.(NH) being one of them. Always loved NH. Had property in Bartlett for years. This article is definitely putting NH at the top of the list.
  2. Bayonet spotted inside car by Boston police leads to gun arrest

    Driving around with a suspended license in a car witfh a stolen plate. Bayonet in the back seat........hmm.......What could possibly go wrong ? These idots did nothing right and deserve whatever they get. More stupid people winning stupid prizes.
  3. Chris Evans

    Yawn..... Least likeable character in the Avengers franchise.And that was before he opened his mouth off screen.
  4. WTS 2 silver bars

  5. I Had to do it!!!....Best Pizza

    Town Spa was great pizza when it was in stoughton center a couple 3 decades ago. I still have to stop at Pleasant cafe in Roslindale whenever I'm nearby.
  6. Where can I find a mass compliant Walther P22?

    my sr22 had some hiccups first 100-150 rds. the last couple thousand have been flawless
  7. Killer Elite Porcupine Round- Update: Porky is Dead

    one has been gnawing the siding on the camp in Maine. Never around when im up there.i put a bandaid on it bur dont want to spend any money replacing siding until its dead.heading up this week. Maybe ill get lucky.
  8. Anyone Know Where to Get Primers?

    i left outback arms in plympton 45 min ago. got large rifle , small pistol magnum. did not have standard small pistol on shelf but i didnt ask. pretty good supply of hodgdon and imr also.
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