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  1. Court rules Student debt is dischargeable in Bankruptcy

    You're kind of getting at the whole problem with student loans...a racket the gov't never should have gotten involved in. subsidized loans drove up the cost, requiring more loans....classic bubble. I'm not sure the solution is to just totally f*** the borrowers though. They're not the only...
  2. Court rules Student debt is dischargeable in Bankruptcy

    Does it specifically state in a student loan agreement that you can't get the debt discharged in bankruptcy or are you just vaguely referencing a promise to pay? The point of bankruptcy is to discharge debt to regain solvency. You promise to pay sure, but the lender accepts risk. When you go...
  3. Court rules Student debt is dischargeable in Bankruptcy

    why shouldn't it be dischargeable in bankruptcy? all your other debt is.
  4. Our Embassy Attacked in Iraq

    Obvious troll is obvious. Probably cosmic iriony with a new name.
  5. Veterinarian says the Impossible Whopper ‘will make men grow breasts because of soy proteins'

    not entirely BS. Soy contains an estrogen precursor. you'd have to consume a lot of soy to grow tits, but it can and does happen: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18558591 But yeah I looked into Impossible Burger and it's f***ing disgusting. They're basically rotten, fungally...
  6. Best steakhouse in Boston

    they opened one of their "double eagle" steakhouses at the mall next to my office. They make a hell of an old fashioned there. Vendors took us there twice and both times I got the dry aged NY Strip. I was very disappointed both times. The meat tasted sour. I know dry aging can add some...
  7. Best steakhouse in Boston

    Kind of bold to make such a firm statement about how a steak should be cooked, and then suggest a mediocre steakhouse like cap grille [laugh] I think you guys have a Mastro's in Boston now...That place can make a hell of a steak.
  8. Best steakhouse in Boston

    Strega and DeFrisco's suck IMO. IDK how DelFrisco's manages to make a dry aged steak taste putrid but they do. Capital Grille is pretty average. Morton's or Ruth's Chris FTW.....I also like Abe and Louie's but i'm not sure A&L is as good as RC.
  9. Slanted Toilet: Evil? or Brilliant?

    yeah....this. ADA lawsuits up the whazoo. Have fun when an employee with Crohns or IBS or knee/back issues, or chronic constipation....shit the list is probably quite long.
  10. Franklin won't be down for his kibble

    he really was....i got stopped constantly by strangers complimenting him.
  11. Franklin won't be down for his kibble

    Sad to announce my pup had to be put down the other day. 8 year old rhodesian ridgeback.....he got lung cancer somehow and there was no good option other than upwards of $10,000 surgery with no guarantee of cure so we decided to let it run its course. He was fine, other than a cough until...
  12. This just in: India is still a giant sh*t hole

    You just described LA to a T
  13. Child Hospitalized After Being Brutally Attacked By Multiple Students on School Bus Over Trump Hat (VIDEO)

    usually subscribe to the rule of "don't hit girls" but there are exceptions. Victim is obviously not a fighter...would have loved to see him just crack that bitch and drop her.
  14. Earth Enters Unknown as Magnetic North Pole Continues Push Toward Russia, Crosses Greenwich Meridian-We're all gonna flip over

    earth's core is slowing....magnetic shield will be down soon and we'll all be irradiated and dead. You heard it here first.
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