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  1. Sig 556 patrol?

    I have 2 of them, Sig 556 swat and one with the 2nd gen polymer rail. Just sold the 7.62 version 556R (Russian). They THUMP, so solid, piston driven. Highly suggested.
  2. Another scammer on Armslist rant

    'rich brandon' BUT says a name that looks be Weitzel on his bdu's. What a Great thread!
  3. The one gun that always "wows" you

    HK 91 thumps 308 rounds down range and 3" Sig 1911
  4. Which HK to get?...

    I 2nd that I like my USP's better than my 45C, grip and feel of SA trigger.
  5. CZ 97B vs BD

    Really want a CZ 97! But communist state and all... Haven't found any in state
  6. Norwell police

    Hanover very 2A friendly, I looked into it there before the 7/20 BS
  7. Newly Cerakote

    All quality work on my pistols from Tim @Gartman
  8. Protest Bumper Stickers – Distribution [completed]

    1st post has all locations covered.
  9. Protest Bumper Stickers – Distribution [completed]

    Got a box this morning!! Will drop at Outerlimits in Holbrook, M&M in Plymouth today, Gartman tomorrow. I'll save some to get to the Holbrook gun show too
  10. Protest Bumper Stickers – Distribution [completed]

    If you need or want any help PM me, can also do outerlimits in Holbrook, M&M in Plymouth Gartman Arms
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