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  1. Get out your pen and paper!

    Also, if you don't have a knack for writing such letters, please do not hesitate to contact your peers including myself for basic templates to put your personal touch on. We must stand up and be heard as a whole unless we want to roll over and end up just like Massachusetts so don't let anything...
  2. Get out your pen and paper!

    NH gun bills filed, but not because of Newtown If you live in New Hampshire and give a damn, find your representative and senator and make your voice heard! If you don't know how to find them, or just moved to the state, visit this link to see who they are. You can usually click their name to...
  3. Shooters Outpost - Hooksett, NH

    While I don't love all the long guns being locked down, I also don't miss being muzzled by every dipshit that walks into a gun shop in a busy area on the weekend like at Rileys and KTP. I can't count how many times I've turned around in both those shops to the sight of someone muzzling others in...
  4. Shooters Outpost - Hooksett, NH

    Went in today for the first time. You guys will be happy to hear that they moved the SKS, Mosin's, and Mausers to a unlocked rack to be fondled. I thought it was a pretty nice place, especially compared to Rileys. I really appreciated the fact that there is room to move around in there and they...
  5. Caught something strange on my security camera - what's he doing?

    I did not read this whole thread so I don't know if someone already suggested this but.. Didn't you just move into the area in the last few months? Could have been a previous resident returning for a pipe or knife or something that he hid from his parents in the front yard a long time ago and...
  6. I'll be happy when the election is over

    The worst is the radio ads. Every morning at the same time on the morning buzz they play that Anti-Ovide planned parenthood ad and I want to throw up. The other one that gets me is the NEA one with the woman saying "I'm not a very political person" and 3 seconds later starts calling Ovide's...
  7. Did NH Go Full Retard Today ???

    Its been a crazy week up here if you include the plane crash! Just for good measure though, look at all the places this shit has happened. All of it except the shooting in Epsom either started on 93 or was within a few miles of 93. Guess it really is the Highway to Hell!
  8. What are some humorous vanity plates you've seen or have?

    My town has some pretty strict proof of res. rules for registering cars with all the vacation homes up here owned by Ma**h***s and RiTards, so I'm sure at some point people did but its pretty hard now a days [laugh]
  9. Open carry in NH, a question I have been wondering about.

    After a quick look around the web of towns in the Conval area it appears the town in question happens to sit at the northern junction of Rt 31 and Rt 202 if anyone else in interested. I will post a link to the town pd's page with this false information if the OP doesn't mind.
  10. Open carry in NH, a question I have been wondering about.

    Why not put out the name of the town so the rest of us know what towns are breaking state law and making up their own laws they cannot legally enforce? Its god to know which towns are going to act like that and which ones aren't these days.
  11. Show me your carry rigs

    Nice and simple, nothing too exciting. M&P9c, spare mag, and a flash light.
  12. Open carry in NH, a question I have been wondering about.

    Just one more point to add, "they almost never call them anyway".. They actually NEVER call them because they are not allowed by state law to even ask for their phone numbers. Like the other guys have said, you hand them 10 bucks and the form and within 2 weeks they hand you a piece of tissue...
  13. ccw in states which are open-carry friendly

    I conceal because it draws less attention, but on that same note I do not worry about someone catching a glimpse if I'm bending over or reaching for something. Honestly I think you would notice that if you aren't concerned about it, no one else is. If you are constantly adjusting your cover...
  14. ccw in states which are open-carry friendly

    You'd have to tell us why there would be a problem. I don't quite get what you're trying to ask but can tell you that no, most people don't worry about printing or something popping out in a place where OC is accepted. I carry IWB under my shirt 100% of the time but I don't worry about printing...
  15. What are some humorous vanity plates you've seen or have?

    Saw one today at work.. "DICK" I will upload a picture later this evening [wink]
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